Valorant fans speculate Agent 23 as leaked playercard teases new addition

Valorant agents in cinematicRiot Games

Valorant fans are speculating what Agent 23 will entail, as the next planned addition to the game has been teased through leaked banners. 

With every new Valorant agent usually comes a barrage of speculation and wishes from the community. We saw it happen with Gekko as Riot geared up to release him into the public, and it seems we are slowly seeing it with Agent 23. 

Back when Gekko was first teased, character producer John Goscicki not only teased Gekko, but that Riot is planning on releasing three new agents in 2023. The first was Gekko, and the second is Agent 23. The third one remains elusive. 

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In a Reddit thread, a player opened up a discussion about what the new upcoming agent might entail. Multiple users pointed out we already know a key fact about Agent 23, it will be a Sentinel. That comes from Gosciki’s teaser on Gekko when he announced Riot’s plans. 

However, after a leak from the ever reliable Valorleaks, fans have noticed one of the planned playercards seems to be a teaser to the new agent.

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The card, “Death Trap”, has players convinced that it could be a teaser of one of the agent’s abllities. Just as how Gekko was teased with the “Tight-knit” card, and Harbor with the “Rising Tide” card. 

Additionally, the card also makes reference to Agent 8. Agent 8, in Valorant’s lore is a character who betrayed the organization, splitting away from them. Thus why in the official agent list for Valorant, there is a missing eighth slot. 

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In addition, most Agent releases usually coincide with the end of a major VCT tournament, and all the regional leagues are already half-way through their schedule, so it may not be too long until players get their first look at Agent 23. 

Valorant’s next act is hitting the servers on April 25, and it’s highly likely there will be more teasers to discover in the battlepass, voicelines, and in the training range. And whether the elusive Agent 8 is Agent 23. 

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