Pokemon FPS dev responds to Nintendo takedown after viral gameplay

Sam Comrie
Pokemon FPS fan-made gameNintendo, Dragon

A fan-made Pokemon FPS went viral for its violent take on Nintendo’s classic franchise, and now, the creator will be releasing a statement following multiple takedowns of clips from the game.

When you think of Nintendo’s iconic RPG franchise Pokemon, we wager that blasting Charizard away with a rifle isn’t what comes to mind. A fan-made project depicting the franchise as a first-person shooter went viral, but its popularity hasn’t sat well with Nintendo as they’ve begun to expunge it from the internet.

Now, the creator of the fan-made project is set to address the complicated situation.

An image of MewTwo from the Pokemon FPS game.Nintendo, Dragon
The FPS take on Pokemon is a far cry from Nintendo’s usual family-friendly image.

Pokemon FPS creator is “making a statement soon”

Pokemon FPS was created by solo game developer Dragon and caused a stir on the internet on January 20, after footage of the game spread like wildfire across social media.

As the project contains one of the biggest IPs in the world, the game developer will release a statement addressing what went wrong with the game.

In a brief acknowledgment on his Twitter, Dragon wrote the following: “Will be making a statement soon regarding everything that has happened the past few days with the Pokemon FPS project…”

Before this tweet Dragon mentioned how he had “decided to start working on a LUGIA boss fight” in Pokemon x FPS. Those plans are now defunct as the footage clearly hasn’t sat well with Nintendo.

Dragon’s YouTube channel is now deactivated and remnants of the footage on his Twitter are non-existent.

The creation of Pokemon FPS was to be the first of many games designed by Dragon over the course of 2022, as they intended to make a game a month. For now, it’s back to the drawing board.