Monument Valley devs reveal Desta: The Memories Between in partnership with Netflix

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official cover art for desta the memories between revealed
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Summer Game Fest 2022 has delivered another exciting new game in Desta: The Memories Between, the developers behind the popular Monument Valley games and ustwo have revealed some interesting details about the game.

Not content with their Monument Valley success, ustwo games are back with a brand new IP called Desta: The Memories Between, a turn-based strategy game being developed in partnership with Netflix.

Revealed at Summer Game Fest alongside the likes Modern Warfare 2, “Desta: The Memories Between is a strategic, turn-based action title”, according to a press release.

a battle encounter in desta the memories between

Desta: The Memories Between to release in 2022

ustwo’s Desta: The Memories Between will be available on multiple platforms later down the line but will be starting exclusively in partnership with Netflix sometime in 2022 as part of the streaming giant’s ambition to broaden its content.

“Through unique gameplay and unforgettable characters, the game explores themes such as introspection and self-reflection, centering around the main lead character, Desta, as they navigate through a dreamlike world,” a press release explains.

It continues: “As Desta falls asleep every night, they find themselves entering into a mysterious and infinite dream-world: filled with glowing balls to throw, shattered remnants of locations past, and vague memories. Players will flow in etheric environments to take on enemies and bosses through a ball game in this quirky character-driven adventure. “

desta speaking in desta the memories between

It seems like the game will incorporate popular roguelike elements into its world, mentioning titles such as the critically acclaimed Hades as part of its inspiration, and ustwo clearly want players to go on a journey of deep discovery and exploration.

Desta: The Memories Between is described as “the deepest, most ambitious and most replayable title” from ustwo games yet and we’re excited to see how the project progresses.

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