Marvel Snap August 9 update patch notes: Nexus Event refunds, Hellcow nerf, more

Brad Norton
Jane Foster in Marvel comics

Marvel Snap’s August 9 update has arrived just hours after Season 3 went live, compensating players that engaged with earlier Nexus Events while also rolling out a new balance pass to adjust nine cards in total.

Just hours behind the launch of Heroes For Hire, Marvel Snap’s third seasonal update in Closed Beta, and a brand new patch has just been set live on August 9.

Following hot off the heels of the heavily criticized and quickly removed Nexus Events, this update ensures players will be fairly compensated for any gold spend on the limited-time loot boxes.

Not only that, but nine cards have also been hit with various buffs and nerfs to keep the meta fresh for another month. So before you jump back in, be sure to brush up on all there is to know about Marvel Snap’s August 9 update.

Nexus Event compensation

As promised on August 3, just two weeks after Nexus Events went live in Marvel Snap, players have now been refunded in full. Any gold spent on the loot boxes to acquire Thor Love and Thunder content will be returned to your account after installing the new update.

Moreover, the Jane Foster card previously locked behind said loot boxes has now been added to the collection for all players. Even though who ignored the first Nexus Event entirely will still receive the card.

For any new accounts jumping into Marvel Snap after today’s update, however, Jane Foster will need to be acquired manually. She can be found in Pool 3 among the game’s high-tier cards.

Nine Marvel Snap cards adjusted in August 9 update

Keeping up with a frequent cycle fresh balance updates, the August 9 patch tweaked nine cards in total. Many revolved around discard-themed decks after weeks atop the meta rankings.

Namely, Hellcow, Sword Master, and Colleen Wing have all been adjusted to some degree. For the former, Hellcow now features as a 4 Cost 6 Power card, rather than its previous spot as a 2 Cost. To help compensate, Sword Master and Colleen Wing are now cheaper at 3 & 2 Cost respectively, but with less Power than before at 6 & 4.

Nakia has once again been reworked slightly in this update. Instead of giving all cards in your hand +2 Power, she now grants just 2 cards this +2 buff.

Be sure to check below for the rull rundown on every balance adjustment in the August 9 Marvel Snap update.

Full Marvel Snap August 9 update patch notes


  • With this patch, any gold you’ve spent on Nexus Events will be returned. Additionally, the Jane Foster base card has been granted to ALL players regardless if you participated in Nexus Events. For new accounts created after this patch, Jane Foster is available in Pool 3. 
  • Thank you for your feedback and sticking with us as we continue to improve the game. We have big dreams for the future of MARVEL SNAP – we want to build a game that’s here to stay and players love! To do that, we’re exploring fair and fun ways to add new cards to the game. As we test new monetization features, we’ll strive to provide value and create a player-friendly experience. We don’t have all the details quite yet, but we’ll be hard at work until we do.


  • Any gold players spent on Nexus Events has been returned. 
  • Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor base card has been granted to all current players. (For new accounts created after this patch, Jane Foster is available in Pool 3.)


  • You can now see your opponent’s card backs in the matchmaking screen 
  • Season Pass Experience gained from Matches now has the same rules as Missions. You no longer gain Season Pass Experience from Matches if you retreat on turn 1, 2, or 3, unless your opponent snapped. 
  • We now allow a player to retreat when an opponent “Snaps back” in the same turn.


  • Updated card visual effects for Colossus, The Collector, Black Widow, Arnim Zola, and Cerebro.


  • Updated sound effects for Human Torch (voice-over) and The Collector 
  • Added variety to the in-game announcer “Snap” voice-over


  • Collector – (OLD – 2/0 When a card enters your hand from anywhere (except your deck), +2 Power.) NEW – 2/1 When a card enters your hand from anywhere (except your deck), +1 Power. 
    • Developer Comment: The Collector’s ability to gain power rapidly in many decks is a bit too out of control, especially at his Cost. We are reining him in with an adjustment to his Power gain potential.
  •  Colleen Wing [3/5] -> [2/4] 
    • Developer Comment: Colleen Wing has been buffed to maintain the Energy curve of discard cards with Hellcow now at 4 Energy. 
  • Hellcow [2/6] -> [4/6] 
    • Developer Comment: Hellcow is clearly a very strong card, so as we considered what direction to take her change we decided to adjust the curve of discard effects and how we cost them. Discarding two is now clearly a beneficial effect, so we have moved Hellcow’s “discard multiple” effect up to 4-Cost to nerf her. We are also subsequently buffing Sword Master and Colleen Wing to 3-Cost and 2-Cost respectively to maintain our curve of discard cards and help the two out. 
  • Kingpin: (OLD – On Reveal: Next turn, destroy cards that move here.) NEW – When a card moves here on turn 6, destroy it. 
    • Developer Comment: We believe that this update to Kingpin will make his functionality more clear, and give players more flexibility in when to play him to capitalize on his payoff. 
  • Lizard – [2/4] -> [2/5] 
    • Developer Comment: Lizard’s performance was extremely weak, so we are giving him an extra power to help him out.
  •  Nakia – (OLD – On Reveal: Give all cards in your hand +2 Power.) NEW – On Reveal: Give 2 cards in your hand +2 Power 
    • Developer Comment: Nakia had the potential to give massive amounts of power that players could reliably play out by using low Cost cards. We are nerfing the number of cards she will buff in order to keep this ability in check.
  • Rescue – (OLD – 5/5 On Reveal: If you play a card here next turn, +5 Power.) NEW – 4/4 On Reveal: If you play a card here next turn, +5 Power. 
    • Developer Comment: Rescue’s performance is very weak right now, so we are adjusting her down to 4 Cost and 4 base Power to make her more competitive. 
  • Sword Master [4/7] -> [3/6] 
    • Developer Comment: Sword Master has been buffed to maintain the Energy curve of discard cards with Hellcow now at 4 Energy.


  • Jane Foster has been added to Pool 3 
  • Wave has been added to Pool 3 
  • Jane Foster can now appear from effects that add random cards, such as Agent 13 or X-Mansion.


  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause mysterious “small cards” to be visible after upgrading Cards from Common to Uncommon 
  • Fixed an “Aw, Snap” soft lock that could happen when playing Scarlet Witch on Nidavellir 
  • Added the missing milestone reward chests in the Missions screen
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