Markiplier explores Mystery Flesh Pit National Park in horror game Living Abyss

Meera Jacka
Markiplier explores Mystery Flesh Pit National Park in horror game Living Abyss

The Mystery Flesh Pit National Park has enticed many, promising “verdant forests, majestic scenery, and cosmic terror.” Now Markiplier has visited the park, playing a new horror game that explores the depths of this “Living Abyss.”

Now let’s get this straight off the bat: the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park is not the secret holiday destination you’ve been looking for. Offering “legendary trout fishing” and “geotectonic carnal moans,” this unusual park is the work of one imaginative Redditor.

Posting to the worldbuilding subreddit in 2019, Trevor Roberts shared a Mystery Flesh Pit National Park tourism poster that quickly took the internet by storm. Many believed the poster to describe a real location, resulting in plenty of disturbing lore over the years.

Now ‘Markiplier’ is joining in on the fun, exploring the depths of the pit in a new fan-made horror game.

Living Abyss is set in the same universe as the Mystery Flesh Pit, with players navigating the pit as a park visitor who accidentally fell into its fleshy depths.

The goal of the game is to find a way out “through the harsh environment and dangerous wildlife of the pit.” Taking on the challenge, Markiplier set off on a path of escape through dark tunnels and green gas.

“You might be thinking, ‘Oh mystery flesh pit, what does that mean?’ it means exactly what you think it means. It’s a pit… of flesh… that’s a mystery,” Markiplier explained.

“There’s probably a diagram of the mystery flesh pit iceberg that just keeps going down into the horribleness… and it goes into the horribleness, it really goes.”

The mystery flesh pit
Tourism poster for the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park

Sadly the YouTuber failed to reach the end of the game, falling victim to its strange inhabitants and puzzles.

“I tried. I tried to escape the Mystery Flesh Pit,” Markiplier said. “But the thing is, once you go in, you’re probably not coming back out.”

Fans were excited to see an expansion of the fascinating fictional theme park, noticing details in the lore that may have helped Markiplier in his playthrough.

One pointed out, “The stickers on the mystery flesh shop ‘souvenir’ page are great like ‘Human voices in this area may be non-human in origin. Exercise caution to avoid a terrible fate.’ and ‘Digestion is NOT instantaneous. Off-trail accidents may result in hours of agony while you dissolve alone in the dark.'”

For anyone looking to explore the Mystery Flesh Pit, the game is available for free, with the developer accepting support by letting people pay what they think is fair for the game.

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