Love is Blind contestant tries to convince date to name children after Elden Ring Bosses

Liam Ho
elden ring boss godric

Love is Blind contestant Zack tried to convince their potential partner on the reality dating show to name their kids after Elden Ring bosses.

Reality dating shows can be quite an awkward affair. Take two strangers and set them up in wild and wacky situations and see what happens. In fact, this is precisely what the hit reality TV show Love is Blind has done. Love is Blind takes two complete strangers and gets them engaged, all before actually meeting in person.

Since dating shows often take two complete strangers, their likes, hobbies, interests and dislikes can all vary from each other. This makes for interesting interactions between the couple, as they try to navigate their relationship that was hastily set up.

One contestant in particular on Love is Blind caught the attention of the internet. Zack Goytowski was a contestant on Season 4 of Love is Blind. A criminal defense attorney, he ended up being going for Irina, an event-planning business owner. Unfortunately, it seems the date wasn’t going super well for Zack, and seemingly went even worse when he began to subtly mention Elden Ring.

Zack began to bring up naming schemes for children, in which he wanted to shout out some formidable foes from FromSoftware’s masterpiece.

Love is Blind contestant wants to name kids after Elden Ring boss

Zack started off the conversation over dinner for their date, moving the topic toward children.

“So before we were talking about names… What about Godfrey?”

Irina was clearly unimpressed by the name, expressing her disgust with a casual “ew”.

Zack wasn’t about to back down however and asked if Godric would be acceptable, unfortunately, Irina also turned that name down also.

Many were quick to meme on the whole conversation, bringing up other potential funny names for kids such as General Starscourge Radahn, Dragonlord Placidusax and The Loathsome Dung Eater.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Irina was a big FromSoftware fan, as she and Zack ended up not getting together by the end of the season.

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