Love Is Blind viewers left “uncomfortable” by Amy and Johnny’s birth control fiasco

Meera Jacka
Love Is Blind viewers left uncomfortable by Amy and Johnny's birth control fiasco

Love Is Blind’s Amy and Johnny have baffled viewers with their discussion on birth control, with many claiming the conversation made them “uncomfortable.”

Netflix’s hit dating show Love Is Blind is back for a sixth season, with five new couples getting engaged after falling in love in the pods despite having never laid eyes on one another.

While the show is packed with plenty of drama, one couple viewers have been rooting for is Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre. However, it was revealed there was trouble in paradise after a conversation surrounding birth control left the couple divided.

After their post-engagement vacation, Amy and Johnny confessed they had not yet had sex due to Amy not being on birth control and Johnny not wishing to risk an unplanned pregnancy. What followed was a discussion surrounding their various options… and viewers were not impressed with how it all unfolded.

According to viewers, the couple’s approach to the topic left many “uncomfortable.” In particular, viewers felt Johnny expected Amy to take birth control, despite it being something she did not want in her body due to numerous potential side effects.

“He’s not explicitly saying like ‘Hey, you have to get on the birth control or else we’re never going to be intimate,’ but he’s pretty much saying that,” TikToker Justine, who goes by ‘imitationcrab‘ said.

She continued, “If they’re going to be together, someone’s going to have to bend here and him saying like, ‘Oh, all my other partners were always on birth control,’ it’s just giving like he’s just waiting for her to get the hint and just do it.”

And Justine isn’t the only one feeling “icky” about the situation, with X user Diana writing, “It’s so sad how Johnny is kind of forcing Amy to get on [birth control] in Love Is Blind, like no consideration for her body! As a woman who has never been on it for a reason because I’m already hormonal as it is, this is so sad.”

While the couple did discuss alternative options such as Johnny getting a vasectomy, condoms were notably not mentioned in the final cut of the show. This left many viewers scratching their heads, however, Johnny has since told Entertainment Weekly that condoms were discussed.

He said, “We wanted to explore essentially every avenue we can go down. Condoms [were] definitely part of the conversation. That’s a big one. I really think that it was taken out of context a little bit, because ultimately, the whole reason why we started talking about this in the first place was because I didn’t want to have kids right away.”

It remains to be seen how the couple will resolve the issue and whether or not condoms will provide the solution as so many viewers have suggested.