LeBron James reveals his verdict on viral Nintendo 64 vs GameCube debate

Marc Griffin
Lebron James in 2K

NBA legend LeBron James has had his say on an age-old console debate: which is better, Nintendo 64 or the GameCube?

Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James has had an unusual amount of free time lately.

Known for his on-court talent, James has been at home during the 2022 playoffs as the Lakers failed to live up to their championship expectations with a lackluster season.

With the time away from the game, the 37-year-old has revealed his opinions on the NBA playoffs, his favorite albums, and even reignited the Nintendo 64 and GameCube debate.

Lebron James in 2K
LeBron James sent Twitter into a frenzy with his controversial opinion on the N64 and GameCube debate.

Lebron James reignites Nintendo 64 and GameCube debate

On Monday, May 16, 2022, LeBron James took to Twitter to hold a Q&A with his followers.

After two hours of receiving questions about whether or not the NBA player would be staying with the Lakers next season, or finished the books he’s been pictured reading, the NBA superstar received a video game question.

In a tweet sent from Tech YouTuber Spawn Wave Media, LeBron James was asked if he felt the Nintendo 64 or the GameCube was the better home console.

LeBron James, answering the seemingly controversial question from Spawn Media, stated that he preferred the Nintendo 64 to the GameCube with no further explanation why he prefers the former.

Immediately drawing a litany of mixed reactions and criticisms pointed at his decision, the future Hall of Famer’s tweet reignited the Nintendo 64 vs. GameCube debate.

One person named JockGamer_Teach supported LeBron’s opinion by stating: “Everyone responding about how N64 doesn’t even compare wasn’t old enough to experience what Goldeneye did for FPS Multiplayer on console.”

LeBron James in 2K22
LeBron James’ Twitter Q&A gave fans a ton of information about the NBA star, including his favorite games.

”It literally blew up the entire genre. It literally was the game changer! I’m literally the same age as Lebron, so he knows..”

Opting against the Nintendo 64 and LeBron James’ verdict, content creator PlayerEssence gave a blunt response: “Love ya Bron but no.”

Most people’s favorite consoles are based on the systems they grew up playing and have grown attached to; it would make sense that LeBron James would pick the N64, considering he was 13/14 when it originally released.

While the debate has been good fun for years now, it is always interesting to see why some people prefer the N64 or the GameCube.

And while LeBron James’ opinion on the matter isn’t the end all be all, it is fascinating to learn that the superstar had an affinity for GoldenEye 007 just like the rest of us.

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