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Is Roblox down? Players report major outages on February 21

Published: 21/Feb/2020 13:10

by David Purcell


Thousands of frustrated Roblox players have reported server outages in the game, posting to social media after not being able to play it. 

The massively multiplayer title has attracted millions of players since its initial release back in 2005, allowing members of its online community to design their own games and jump into others made by other people too.

However, just like any other game, the servers can be seen to play up from time to time, meaning that online play ceases for a limited time frame. While it’s easy to say ‘don’t worry, it will be back soon’, those wanting to play Roblox may be interested to know exactly when that’s going to be.


Roblox characters
Roblox Corporation
Roblox is a really popular multiplayer game, with numerous characters to play with.

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An independent outage monitor called Down Detector, based in the United Kingdom, has received over 200 reports of the game’s servers not working on February 21, with thousands of users using social media to monitor the situation and see if others are also experiencing the same problems.

“Roblox Down” has been trending on Twitter and Reddit users have been posting to the game’s dedicated subreddit as well, showing that Roblox won’t load for them.

Anyone else had roblox not even load for them or is it just me? from roblox

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Some people have been quite worried about the outage, too. One Reddit user posted: “As far as I’m concerned this is happening to everyone. Check new and you’ll see a bunch of posts. Honestly, this is freaking me out.


“There was just no warning. Nothing on their website. Nothing on the dev forums. In fact, the devs are acting like nothings happening to them. Nothing on Instagram either.”

Others were more optimistic, reassuring fellow Redditors that they have seen it all before.

Another posted: “Don’t freak out. Roblox just went down again like it has many times before, it’ll get fixed soon.”

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Down Detector provides an online map to its readers, showing that complaints about server issues have been reported to them in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, some parts of Asia and in the United States, indicating that this is a widespread server outage.


At the time of writing, there has been no indication from official sources – i.e. Roblox Corp – that servers will be up any time soon, although we will update this article as soon as more information has been made available.