Is Indiana Jones and the Great Circle coming to PS5?

Brad Norton
Indiana Jones and the Great Circle cinematic

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is in the works at MachineGames, a dev team under the Bethesda umbrella and thus, owned by Microsoft. But could this upcoming title still find its way to Sony’s PS5? Here’s what we know.

Years on from its announcement and further still from the last game in the iconic franchise, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is finally coming into focus.

A deep dive at the start of 2024 gave us our first proper look at the first-person title, showcasing everything from whip-based combat to puzzle solving and plenty of exploration to boot. And while this showcase occurred during an Xbox Dev Direct, could it soon find its way to other platforms?

Although a launch across Xbox and PC is locked in, rumors surrounding Xbox-exclusive titles coming to other platforms swirled in early 2024. So, here’s what we know about the possibility of a PS5 release for The Great Circle.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle cinematic
The Great Circle could find its way to PS5 shortly after its Xbox and PC release.

Will Indiana Jones and the Great Circle release on PS5?

Currently, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle does not have a planned PS5 release, though Microsoft is reportedly pushing for it.

During the Official Xbox Podcast titled, Updates on the Xbox Business, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer confirmed that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was not one of the four titles confirmed to be coming to other platforms.

However, the latest reports from The Verge indicate a PS5 launch is being strongly ‘considered’ as Microsoft weighs its options amid a turbulent period in Xbox history. Though fans shouldn’t expect a day and date release, rather, a PS5 port could arrive “some months later,” in 2025.

This news comes amid a string of reports surrounding Microsoft’s supposed change in strategy. Losing the hardware war to Sony by a considerable margin, Xbox Game Pass, and exclusive titles are the main drivers of revenue. Seeking to earn a little extra from software sales, the company is reportedly open to bringing many of its platform exclusives over to rival consoles.

The Verge released a subsequent interview with Spencer following the Xbox Podcast. When asked whether Indiana Jones could ever come to PS5, Spencer said, “I don’t think we should as an industry ever rule out a game going to any other platform. We’re focused on these four games and learning from the experience.”

From Sea of Thieves to Starfield, there are many major Xbox titles PlayStation owners could soon get their hands on, with Indiana Jones and the Great Circle simply another on the list.

As always, plans can certainly change along the way, so do take this information with a heaping serving of salt for now. There’s no guarantee the Great Circle ever launches on PS5, as Microsoft could always abandon these reported plans before getting them off the ground.

With that said, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here with any further developments as we get closer to the launch of the latest Indiana Jones game.

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