How Xbox Scarlett compares to PS5 – Specs, predictions, and more

Eli Becht

During Microsoft‘s E3 2019 conference, they unveiled their next-gen Project Scarlett Xbox console, and revealed some of the specs. Here’s how it compares to the PS5.

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As this console generation winds down, all eyes are on what’s next from Sony and Microsoft. The PlayStation creator already revealed what to expect from their upcoming console, and things sound very impressive, especially when compared to the current hardware.

The Xbox One and PS4 pretty much launched with dated hardware, but that won’t be an issue going forward as they will both come with modern specs that will be able to run games well right out of the gate.

One thing that plagued the Xbox One, late in its life especially, is its low specs that caused several games to run at a lower resolution that you’d see on the PS4.

With Microsoft and Sony pushing the envelope with the upcoming generation, let’s see how the two stack up.

MicrosoftXbox is looking to become king again in the next console cycle.
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Xbox Project Scarlett vs. PS5

We’ve known about the PS5 specs for much longer than the Xbox specs. We know it will be boasting a Zen 2 AMD Ryzen CPU, and a custom Navi GPU from AMD as well.

As for the Xbox, we know AMD is also delivering the hardware, and both consoles will feature a solid state drive. All things considered, the two consoles are very similar to each other, meaning it’s hard to go wrong for potential buyers in terms of hardware.

Digital Foundry did an in-depth breakdown of the Scarlett console, and gave us a look at what we can expect with Microsoft’s upcoming console.

SonyPS5 is looking impressive.
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They do point out that Sony’s SSD is proprietary, meaning it has a chance to be a little improved and optimized for the console. With the GPU information being kept under wraps, they say that we shouldn’t expect to hear anything about things like teraflops for quite a while.

Sony has confirmed an 8-core Zen 2 processor while Microsoft hasn’t announced how many cores they will be using, but eight is likely. 

During the analysis, Digital Foundry finds it hard to actually find out the actual specs of the Scarlett console for right now, making a direct comparison a bit tough.

As more specs become available to the public, we’ll be able to get a better idea of how the two consoles compare to each other. As things stand right now, we just have educated guesses and the knowledge that the specs are very similar to one another.

Once we find out what customization Microsoft and Sony have in mind for their CPUs and GPUs, we’ll be able to have a much better idea of what to expect.

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