How does Vaudeville work? AI murder mystery game explained

Theo Burman
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If you’ve been watching any of the biggest streamers on Twitch for the last few days, chances are you’ve run into a game called Vaudeville.

It’s become another Twitch sensation, with top streamers like Hasan, MoonMoon, and Moistcr1tikal showcasing the game, which uses AI to create realistic dialogue. But how does the tech behind Vaudeville work, and what is the game about? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Vaudeville?

Vaudeville describes itself as “an experimental whodunit game based on the latest AI technologies to generate dialogues in real time”. It’s structured like a game of Cluedo, where you have a cast of suspects and you have to solve a murder.

As the detective, it’s your job to piece together evidence and confront the suspects about what they know about the goings-on in the village.

With a variety of characters to interact with, ranging from a gruff police officer to a flirtatious heiress, there’s plenty of fun to be had talking to the suspects.

However, the thing that makes Vaudeville unique, and the thing that has made it so popular with streamers, is the implementation of AI into the game, which adds a whole new dimension to how you question the suspects.

How does the AI in Vaudeville work?

The AI in Vaudeville is used to generate the dialogue of the characters that you speak to. This means that instead of having preset responses to options you choose from, dialogue between you and the suspects is a lot more natural.

What’s more, the AI dialogue is fed through a text-to-speech program, which generates a unique voice audio for each suspect, adding to the immersion even more. To cap it all off, the game also has the option to use your own mic for prompts, meaning you can literally speak to the AI suspects as if you were having a normal conversation.

The game isn’t that long, but the entertaining interactions between streamers and the AI have made the game a big hit on Twitch and other platforms.

Vaudeville is currently available on Steam for £16.75.

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