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Hilarious Pokemon reference found in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Published: 13/Nov/2020 21:16 Updated: 13/Nov/2020 22:35

by Marco Rizzo


The seventh installment of the famous RPG series, Yakuza: Like a Dragon has a hilarious easter egg referencing the much loved Nintendo brand. 

Yakuza 6 was a great title and Designer Toshihiro Nagoshi was generous in the number of easter eggs and pop culture references found in the game.

Like a Dragon seems to be no different! A sub-story in the game named the “Yakumon Story” will starts after meeting an NPC wearing only a coat and underwear.

After initial confusion, you will beat him in a fight.

Following the fighting sequence, an individual wearing a labcoat will approach your defeated foe and label them as “Bat guy”.


The scientist-looking man will scan the floored man with an app on his phone and upon further questioning, he will reveal his identity as “Dr. Morikasa, Professor of Takumon.”

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Be the best, like no one ever was. Now, where have I heard that before?

Dr. Morisaka (By the way, Mori translates to “forest” in Japanese) will ask for your help in completing the “dex”  and upon the offer of a cup of tea, you will follow Professor Yakumon to his laboratory.

Morisaka will explain that Yakumons are “Yakuza and monster combined…a dangerous group” and he is looking to collect their data for “the peace of the world”.

With a little convincing, the main character will eventually agree to help him in his mission to collect Yakumon data…but how will you do so?


Well, like in the Pokemon games this sequence is clearly referencing, you have to defeat them in battle!

And you will do so, not before the professor installs the YakuDex on your phone. Following that,  he will ask you to choose between his “red”, “blue” and “green” assistants to start your adventure.

It shouldn’t matter who choose as you will have to fight them all regardless.

After the demonstration fight, you will be able to access the YakuDex and see all the information from the enemies you have knocked down.

What are you waiting for? Dr. Morisaka is promising a reward if you manage to catch them all!