Halo Infinite fans slam 343 for campaign’s “poor replayability”

André González Rodríguez
Halo infinite campaign complaints
343 Industries

Halo Infinite fans are slamming 343 Industries for its campaign’s “poor replayability”.

After making Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta open to the public on November 15, the game got its official release on December 8, and with it came the game’s campaign.

The campaign feature has been a franchise staple since its first game back in 2001, Halo. Apart from the multiplayer, the progression of the game’s story is always sought after by fans.

This time around, though, Halo Infinite was 343 Industries’ attempt at a different campaign. Instead of being a linear way of going about the story, players had other options in an open world.

Master Chief in Halo Infinite
343 Industries
Master Chief is still alive and well after all of these years.

Even though it was a try at something new for the franchise’s campaign mode, Halo fans are not quite happy with it, and they have their complaints.

Halo Infinite fans dislike the campaign’s “poor replayability”

Alongside its multiplayer, the Halo series has always prided itself on its campaign. The game’s story brought forth one of the most iconic characters in video game history, Master Chief. This, in turn, gives a lot of reason for players to take part in the narrative, sometimes even replaying it multiple times.

First brought up by Reddit user RectumUnclogger on the official Halo subreddit, the Redditor gave his complaints on the campaign’s “poor replayability.”

They went on to explain themselves, stating, “I’ve completed 2 full legendary campaign runs, clearing everything on the map. I don’t feel motivated to play the campaign again because it just seems like a chore.”

On top of that, the Reddit user further elaborated on how the game forces them to do “tedious tasks” such as unlocking Forward Operating Bases for easier travel, saving marines to unlock the wasp, and the like adding that if they “skipped all [of] those” they would “not get the upgrades necessary to survive the last 2 missions.”

Halo Infinite Master Chief Zeta Halo Open World Campaign Story Missions Replayability Final Game Logo
Microsoft / 343
The Halo Infinite campaign being open world was the first of its kind for the series.

The Reddit user admitted that the open world concept “is cool” but ultimately felt that the game was “sacrificing way too much for it,” something that other Halo fans in the post resonated with.

“The campaign feels like a very stretched out version of a single mission,” said one.

Another disliked the open world idea. “That’s why I hate it being open world,” they said. ”It adds padding with no substance.”

The game’s campaign being open world was the first of its kind for the series. Only time will tell if 343 will attempt something similar again in the future.