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Halo Infinite cheaters are impersonating streamers in multiplayer matches

Published: 31/Dec/2021 10:41

by Nathan Warby


Any online game always falls victim to cheaters sooner or later, and Halo Infinite is no exception. Now, hackers have found a way of pretending to be popular streamers, causing the content creators to receive backlash.

Almost every popular online game has its fair share of cheaters, no matter how hard developers work to keep them away. Warzone lobbies, in particular, were notorious for hackers before anti-cheat dropped.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is yet to incorporate anti-cheat, and the effects are becoming clear to see. Matches containing cheaters have become commonplace, and it appears they’ve taken it one step further.


Hackers have found a way to impersonate other players, including streamers, meaning that the blame for unsporting behavior is being aimed at the wrong places.

Halo Infinite multiplayer match
Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is a blast, but hackers have been spoiling the party.

The issue was raised by Australian YouTuber Mint Blitz, who stumbled across a Reddit post that accused him of cheating. The screenshot notes that the content creator went 41-1 in a game of SWAT.

By looking at the picture, you can see that the player on-screen clearly shares the name Mint Blitz, so it’s no surprise that the poster thought they had caught the YouTuber in the act.

However, Mint Blitz pointed out that he hasn’t played a single match of SWAT since Halo Infinite’s release. This is something we can verify by using Halo Tracker.


“Hackers are now impersonating people and now I’m seeing posts of people thinking I’m cheating,” he tweeted. “This is exactly what I warned would happen. ”

Many of Mint Blitz’s followers were quick to point out that the same issue has been prominent in Halo: The Master Chief Collection for some time. It seems to be a relatively new problem in Halo Infinite, though.

Both casual and professional players have been calling for anti-cheat since the Halo Infinite multiplayer surprise launched on November 15. This latest issue will only pile more pressure on 343 Industries to take action quickly.

Anti-cheat has been promised in a free future update, but we don’t have any official word on when it will roll out. Until then, Halo Infinite players will have to continue reporting any suspicious activity they see.