Gamers are review gaslighting Rise of Kong to make sure Gollum is 2023’s worst game

John Esposito
Gamers are review gaslighting Rise of Kong to make sure Gollum is 2023's worst game

Rise of Kong players are turning in positive reviews for the game so that Gollum remains this year’s lowest rated title in what seems to be the polar opposite of review bombing.

2023’s been a good year for gaming, as titles such as Baldur’s GateLegend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will battle for top contenders of Game of the Year. Not to mention Alan Wake 2 is still on the way.

Despite the amazing slew of titles released, 2023 has had a few stinkers. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and the recently released Skull Island: Rise of Kong are two of this year’s worst-rated titles.

Gollum’s debacle has come and gone, yet the latter title’s journey is far from over. Fans are taking to the game’s Metacritic to share their “love” for the title while keeping Gollum down in the dumps.

Rise of Kong sees a boost in positive reviews

LOTR: Gollum raised plenty of eyebrows when it was released for its abysmal technical state. The drama didn’t stop there as the developers issued an apology, which was claimed to be written by ChatGPT. Gollum currently sits at a 1.1 on Metacritic.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong was released in a similar state, as fans labeled it a “complete scam.” Yet somehow, it boasts a 3.8 rating on Metacritic. In a surprise turn of events, that rating has risen over the past few days. 

On the title’s Metacritic page, some fans have “review gaslit” the title, as a flood of perfect scores have come in.

One reviewer, aptly named Vo1demort, left a 9. “A truly hidden gem that is worth looking at. The game’s unique flavour and simplicity made for a fun and lighthearted experience that was a nice change from some overly complicated and layered games. Beating up enemies as Kong as extremely satisfying. The game overall leaves a lot of room for a sequel that will be even more fun and expansive.”

“This is honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played. I actually enjoyed this game very much, I don’t know why everyone hates this game. Maybe they are just review bombing,” reviewed another player, who left a 10.

Another player simply stated, “Leave monke ALONE !” with a 9/10 score.

Similar reviews follow the same flow, as many players profess their love for Rise of Kong. While many argued that Rise of Kong could give Gollum a run for its money as 2023’s worst game, some tongue-in-cheek King Kong fans are determined to make sure its rating clears the high-profile LOTR failure.