The Funko Pop company is now making its own AAA video games

funko pop freddie guitar header imageFunko / 10:10 Games

Funko announced its first foray into the AAA video game market with a new project in collaboration with newly established development studio 10:10 Games.

Most gamers probably know Funko through its collaborations to create vinyl figures of iconic gaming characters from series like Pokemon, Apex Legends, or Fortnite.

Now, it seems Funko is going beyond just making merchandise of existing game properties and will be making one of its own.

Funko announced a collaboration with 10:10 Games to create its own video game surrounding Funko Freddy, the Funko brand mascot.

Funko announces AAA video game

funko pop triple a game funko freddy header imageFunko / 10:10 Games
It seems that Freddie Funko will be the star of this new Funko-themed video game.

Funko announced the project on Twitter, with a brief teaser trailer showing a render of Freddy Funko in motion.

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The trailer itself introduces Freddy, who happens to be wearing a 10:10 Games shirt, reacting to the news that the two companies are collaborating on a new game.

The end of the trailer teases more information to come, with Freddy trapped in a Funko Pop box with the caption above the box that reads “Unboxing soon…”

Unfortunately, that’s all Funko has revealed about the game at the moment, but there is a bit more information fans can gather from 10:10 Games’ official website.

According to the website, the game will be a “AAA Action Platformer” set to release in 2023.

The project is reportedly helmed by Jon Burton, a video game developer veteran and “five-time BAFTA award winner.”

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As for what platforms this new Funko Pop game is aiming for, it seems 10:10 games is aiming to release on current and new-gen consoles as well as PC.

10:10 Games itself is an extremely new studio, “founded in the Summer of 2021 by industry veterans…with a vision to create a studio that is inclusive, collaborative, and welcoming for everyone.”

Fans interested in the project will have to keep their eyes on Funko and 10:10 Games for more information about this new action platformer.