Epic Games free games of the week – September 2021

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epic games free gae of the week
Epic Games

Epic Games often gives out some amazing games each week to its players, and there have been some hidden gems throughout the months that players cannot believe are free right now!

There’s nothing wrong with getting anything for free in life, and when it comes to games players have been lured into the Epic Games Store more than ever over recent years, with their constantly rotating selection of free games for players to claim.

This was a model they’ve adopted over the last year or so, and since, we’ve seen some incredible titles be up for grabs for players completely free of charge.

We’re going to run over the current library of free games for players to check out, along with when players can expect a new batch to appear in the store.


epic games free games
Epic Games
Players will have plentiful of titles to claim throughout the year.

When do new games come into the Epic Games Store?

With a constantly rotating store, it’s good to know when Epic Games will be rolling out new games into their shop, as you’ll want to be sure to have enough time to claim the current ones before they’re gone forever.

Epic has followed the same timeline for when new games head into the store, and it’ll always occur on Thursdays each week, and will happen at the following times.

  • 8:00 am PST
  • 11:00 am EST
  • 4:00 pm BST

Within the store, they also give us an insight into some of the games coming in the near future, so we always know what’s in store for players.

Current and upcoming free games

epic games free games
Epic Games
The current slate of free games within the Epic Games Store.

As of the time of writing, there are currently two free games on the market for players to claim, along with the next title that we’ll be able to add into our inventory.

Here’s what players can expect within the Epic Games Store in the coming days.

  • Speed Brawl – Free
  • Tharais – Free
  • The Escapists – Free on September 23-30

Speaking of free games, the Epic Games Store isn’t the only place where gamers will be able to lock up some free titles. Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus are other options for players who aren’t necessarily playing on PC!

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