Elden Ring’s character creator will let you make your own monsters again

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Elden Ring is on the horizon and FromSoftware are bringing back an amazing series tradition: creating insane warriors. 

FromSoftware’s latest instalment to the ‘SoulsBorne’ genre, Elden Ring, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games to release in 2022. Shrouded in mystery for years, some players thought Elden Ring was nothing more than a myth.

Thankfully, the game will finally release on February 25 and as soon as you boot up it’ll be time to embrace the weird and wonderful once again.

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Elden Ring features writing from Game of Thrones author George R.R Martin.

Elden Ring character creator is completely “broken”

One of the most important elements of a ‘SoulBorne’ game is creating your own character before you head for immediate death.

While Sekiro didn’t include the much-beloved feature, Elden Ring is doubling down on just how insane your characters can look.

Showcased in a fresh leak from YouTuber ER-SA, all of the brilliantly in-depth categories are still seemingly present in Elden Ring. While the specifics of each category are blurred for confidentiality ahead of the game’s release, this didn’t stop the YouTuber from making a truly bizarre character. With a hint of Shrek in there of course.

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The best element of this new iteration of the feature, is just how incredible the fidelity is on the rendering of your creation. “Damn, this looks really good. In comparison to DS3, this is like night and day. Finally, you can create actually good looking character,” said commenter Kretek.

“It’s so good to know we can still create such abominations,” said another user praising the game’s customization options.

“Ah yes, creating a monstrosity in the Fromsoft character creator. A classic jest. It’s even funnier the 987th time!” added commenter SupiciousEd.

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We’re looking forward to seeing what incredible characters are born next month.

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