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Dying Light 2 factions & benefits: Peacekeepers, Renegades, Survivors

Published: 2/Feb/2022 15:00 Updated: 7/Feb/2022 17:30

by Lauren Bergin


The City streets of Dying Light 2 are ruled by three warring factions that Aidan is free to join; the Peacekeepers, Renegades, and Survivors – but just how do your choices impact the game?

Dying Light 2’s fight for survival doesn’t just revolve around the flesh eating Infected just waiting to take a considerable chunk out of you. Danger is nestled amid the City’s streets, with local turf wars often proving more dangerous than the undead themselves.

With territory carved up between the Peacekeepers, Renegades, and Survivors, there’s plenty of different reason to join each faction– but it’s important to note that your choices will affect your standing with those around you.


So, here’s a rundown of each of Dying Light 2’s three factions, as well as what signing up to cause some chaos will net you in terms of rewards.


dying light 2 the city archway
Despite the blood, guts, and ruin, The City still looks somewhat beautiful.

Dying Light 2: Factions

As we mentioned before, Dying Light 2’s NPC community is split into three feuding factions:

  • Peacekeepers: The Peacekeepers present themselves as The City’s elite police squad, using an iron fist to keep the surviving citizens safe. They are the game’s “good” faction.
  • Renegades: In direct conflict with the Peacekeepers, the Renegades pride themselves in causing chaos and eliminating anyone that gets in their way. They are the game’s “bad” faction.
  • Survivors: With a nomadic, adaptive mentality, the Survivors are concerned with keeping their comrades safe and fleeing the Infected instead of actively getting involved in combat. They are the game’s “neutral” faction.

Each faction can control different areas of contested territory, and with Aiden’s help can expand their dominance by taking down their enemies.

However, choosing a squad comes at a price, as your relationships with the City’s inhabitants changes as your influence grows. Choosing the Renegades, for example, isn’t something your fellows will be too impressed with given their chaotic, brutal control methods. This contrasts with the Peacekeepers, who are generally well renowned for putting their lives on the line.


Dying Light 2: Faction benefits

Other than altering perceptions and responses to Aiden, your choice of faction has added benefits. Each group will expand their facilitates around their central hub, altering the look of The City.

Below are the different benefits associated with the game’s three factions:

Faction Benefits
Peacekeepers The Peacekeepers will install military-style barracks, install traps, and offer both melee and long range weapons.
Renegades The Renegades set up lethal traps that will destroy anything that comes near – humans included. They also have an arsenal of firepower just waiting for you to make use of.
Survivors The Survivors install parkour tools (e.g air vents) to help you navigate the rooftops and avoid Infected.

Are characters faction-associated?

As you navigate the post-apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2, you’ll meet a whole host of both friendly and aggressive NPCs. Some are faction specific, while others will react to Aiden’s choice of faction.

While we haven’t got a full list of these yet, we’ll keep updating this page as we dive further into the fray:


Faction Affiliated Characters
Peacekeepers N/A
Renegades N/A
Survivors Lawan

So that’s everything you need to know about Dying Light 2’s factions. As soon as further information becomes available, we’ll be sure to update this page; in the meantime though, check out our Dying Light 2 review.