Dune Awakening, an open-world MMO, announced at Gamescom

Dune Awakening Gamescom MMODune Awakening

Dune Awakening has been announced at Gamescom 2022, and it’s an Open World Survival MMO set in the arid deserts of the Dune universe. It may be the most ambitious Dune game to date.

The Dune series has seen quite the resurgence after the 2021 film adaptation, and now we’re getting yet another game based on the iconic series of novels and films.

While the trailer didn’t show any actual gameplay, it did give us an idea of just how large the scope of this title will be.

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Dune Awakening has a massive sense of scale

The trailer features a massive worm gobbling up an entire building, and the main character charging toward it. All placed in Dune’s somewhat bleak and arid desert setting.

As for what the survival mechanics and actual multiplayer may look like, it’s hard to say. However, the teaser trailer did tell us that beta sign-ups are now open for anyone whose curiosity was piqued by Dune Awakening.

There is no release date or beta date at this time, but you can find the beta signup here.

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While we know much about Dune Awakening yet, the landing site for beta signup does have some early art of what the game may look like.

Early concept art depicts a war-torn landscape that’s been battered by harsh winds and hostile wildlife.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the only recent Dune game. Dune: Spice Wars came out on April 26, 2022, and was a 4X game based around the complex and muddled politics within the Dune universe.

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Dune: Spice Wars did well critically, but is also within a fairly niche strategy genre. Dune Awakening seems to have more of an action focus if we’re going by what’s been shown in the trailer.

The Dune novels were originally written by Frank Herbert, and his series of 6 novels contains an immense amount of source material to draw from.

Any exploration of the expansive universe Herbert created is likely to make fans rejoice, and Dune Awakening looks to be the most ambitious Dune game to date.

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