Dragon Age Dreadwolf fans “frustrated” with Game Awards no-show

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Dragon Age Dreadwolf fans share their disappointment over the game’s lack of a presence during this year’s Game Awards ceremony.

The RPG previously known as Dragon Age 4 officially took center stage during the 2018 Game Awards. Scant details have hit the web in the years since then, with BioWare hard at work on delivering the best possible experience.

Earlier this year, the studio confirmed the Dreadwolf subtitle, though the numbered part of the name fell by the wayside.

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The recent release of a Dragon Age teaser video led many to believe the project would appear at the 2022 Game Awards in some capacity. Its absence left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Game Awards no-show upsets series faithful

After this year’s awards ceremony, Reddit user teddypolkadots wrote a post outlining their frustrations with BioWare’s Dreadwolf marketing.

The user added in subsequent replies that they weren’t expecting much following BioWare’s Dragon Age day blog post, they “watched til the very end [of The Game Awards] hoping against hope.”

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Much of the contention stems from the ongoing drip feed of information, wherein the studio shares production progress through regular blog posts.

The Redditor believes this is an unsustainable strategy, one that may hint “DA:D isn’t nearly as far along in production as their blog updates would have us believe.”

Other Dragon Age fans shared their surprise at not seeing a new trailer during The Game Awards. Some even assumed the Dragon Age Day teaser was meant to feel dissatisfactory because BioWare had a “real teaser” planned for the Geoff Keighley-hosted show.

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“I can’t believe we got absolutely nothing after they promised to give us more info this year,” another disgruntled fan wrote.

Meanwhile, others “just wish [BioWare] would do something to generate hype for the game.” As of writing, there’s no word on when fresh details about the Dragon Age sequel will emerge.