Disney Dreamlight Valley players divided over game’s early access quality

Scar update Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley players have debated whether buying the game in early access actually paid off in the end or not.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been in the early access period since its release in September 2022. The adorable sandbox title allows players to design a Valley filled with Disney and Pixar characters. Since its launch, Gameloft has updated Dreamlight Valley with new villagers and more Realms.

Despite continuously adding more content, some players pondered whether paying $30 to receive DDV in early access was worth the cash. However, many argued in favor of the game’s quality.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley players wonder if purchasing early access was worth it

The Lion King in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney

On the Disney Dreamlight Valley subreddit, Reddit user Gentle-Crim1nal agreed with one player’s sentiment toward the quality of the game’s early access. The screenshotted comment’s author explained how Scrooge’s McDuck’s store had nothing but “repeats for furniture” since DDV began its early access period seven months ago.

“The game has given more in free updates in 7 months than Animal Crossing New Horizons has in the first full year,” Dr_Fluffybuns2 argued. “And everyone is getting great content, they’ve just sped through it and complained they’re bored logging on every day in between updates.”

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“I’ve paid more money for games that have a lot less customization and variety in the base game,” user kayofkeys claimed. “I’m truly impressed with how much they’ve packed into this game without the premium items.”

On the contrary, other users agreed that Scrooge McDuck’s store could use more variety. Though, some have claimed the experience as a whole isn’t nearly as polished as they would like, citing Dreamlight Valley’s overall glitchiness. “I play on Nintendo Switch and there are days where it’s unbearable,” Dataprivacypro remarked.

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While Dreamlight Valley just launched the Pride of the Valley update, fans have suspected Cinderella could arrive sometime in summer 2023. Players came to this conclusion based on the pumpkin house in the Forgotten Lands, though nothing official has been confirmed just yet.