Disaster for PlayStation as Horizon Forbidden West leaks weeks before release

horizon forbidden west streamPlayStation/Guerrilla Games

A Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation 4 build has leaked ahead of the official release date, spelling disaster for Sony.

In the year of already hotly anticipated games, the latest installment to the Horizon franchise, Horizon Forbidden West, is definitely at the top of the list. Developed by Guerrilla Games, known for the FPS series Killzone, the long-awaited sequel is due to drop on February 18, 2022.

However, some players have already managed to start diving into the adventure already.

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Horizon Forbidden West RPGGuerrilla Games / PlayStation
2022 is already stacked full of promising titles to play.

Horizon Forbidden West has leaked early

Players looking forward to the next chapter of Aloy’s story may need to remain cautious, as the PlayStation 4 build of Horizon Forbidden West is circulating weeks ahead of its February release. While story details haven’t made their way out just yet, we have been given a look at how beautifully the game runs on the PlayStation 4.

Initially, the images appeared on the account of Twitter user @theDualSense but were quickly removed by Sony. Now, we’ve got our first look outside of official gameplay showcases.

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“First images in-game of upcoming game ‘Horizon Forbidden West,'” reads one tweet. “This time, the images are from the ‘PS4’ version.”

While the images don’t display any major set pieces, we are treated to a glimpse of the game’s fidelity on last-gen systems. With the first game making waves for its impressive presentation on the PlayStation 4, it’s no surprise that Guerilla Games have maintained the same level of polish.

Sony has yet to officially comment on the PlayStation 4 leaks, but the removal of these screenshots implies this is the real deal. This isn’t the first time a major PlayStation exclusive has suffered from major leaks, as The Last of Us 2 met a similar fate back in 2020.

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