Horizon Forbidden West: How to apply face paint

Horizon Forbbiden West Face PaintGuerrilla Games

There are many unlockable cosmetics and items in Horizon Forbidden West, one of these being Aloy’s iconic face paint. With many to equip, it’d be only right to know how to apply them. Here’s how to do so.

Be it a protagonist, a vehicle, or a weapon, cosmetics provide players with different ways to customize their characters. And when it comes to Horizon Forbidden West, that’s no different.

The open-world adventure has many cosmetics to choose from, but one, in particular, takes the cake – Aloy’s face paint.

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Face paints are a crucial part of the game’s main character as it distinguishes her from the rest. There are plenty to enjoy and choose from – and here’s how to partake in the fun.


Aloy with bow and PS5Sony Interactive Entertainment
Horizon Forbidden West Released on February 18, 2022.

What are face paints in Horizon Forbidden West?

Face paints are one of many cosmetics in Horizon Forbidden West that players can use to switch up Aloy’s look. Like other cosmetics, they serve no purpose but to give alternatives to the protagonist’s appearance.

Throughout the game, players will encounter various NPCs. Each have their own unique face paints from differing tribes. This means that as fans play, they too can represent a tribe.

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How to unlock face paints in Horizon Forbidden West

A good chunk of face paints in Horizon Forbidden West can be unlocked via the main story mission as well as side quests. As you play, you’ll start seeing face paint pop up as a reward for completing content.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize them until you encounter the settlement of Scalding Spear, in the third main area. This means that depending on how much you’ve explored or followed the story, you might be running around with their pockets filled with paints with no way to apply them.

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How to apply face paint in Horizon Forbidden West

To apply face paint, you will need to find a Painter merchant in a settlement. Once found,speak to the Painter and they will gladly apply the face paint of choice at a cost of 10 Metal Shards.

Conversely, if you are is looking to remove face paint, perhaps to introduce a new one, talk to the NPC once again and they’ll remove it for 1 Metal Shard.

A screenshot of Horizon Forbidden WestGuerilla Games
Aloy’s face paints distinguish her from other video game protagonists.

It’s worth noting that you can also apply face paint while using Photo Mode, but it won’t remain on Aloy once play is resumed.

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Where to find Painters in Horizon Forbidden West

As aforementioned, Painters are the NPCs that apply face paint on Aloy. There are a total of three in Horizon Forbbiden West in each of the major Tenakth settlements: Scalding Spear, The Bulwark, and Thornmash.

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