Horizon Forbidden West: How to destroy Firegleam (Red Crystals)

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Relatively early on in Horizon Forbidden West players will encounter some red crystals known as Firegleam. We’ve whipped up a quick and easy guide to help you understand what they do, and how to get rid of them.

Aloy’s newest adventure has had players enamored by its gorgeous surroundings and frantic gameplay. Our plucky warrior princess encounters a bunch of tricky enemies, some true tests of platforming skill, and other forms of inconvenient obstacles.

One such impediment to look out for is Firegleam. Its inclusion in Horizon Forbidden West will stop players from being able to do certain things, but thankfully not for too long.


horizon's red crystals
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They’re obstructive, but red crystals shouldn’t be a problem for you for too long.

What is Firegleam in Horizon Forbidden West?

The Firegleam crystals are ‘Anomalous Growths’ consisting of crystalized fungi that protrude from certain walls, blocking off paths. They won’t be permanent fixtures in the game as you can remove them using a certain device.

Horizon Forbidden West provides an official description for the substance using the game’s scanning tool: “Hybridized crystalline and fungal growth of unknown origin. Invulnerable to impact. Special gear required to clear.”

aloy shoving spear into firegleam
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Once you’ve removed some Firegleam, carry on your journey.

How to remove red crystals in Horzion Forbidden West

As you naturally progress through the story, you will find a piece of special gear called the ‘Igniter.’ This isn’t a spoiler as you physically cannot progress through the game without it, and you get it relatively early on in the game.

Here’s how you can obtain the item and begin clearing any Firegleam that you come across:

  1. Play Horizon Forbidden West until you reach the ‘Death’s Door’ mainline quest
  2. Once you’ve been instructed how to create the ‘Igniter’, go off in search of the ingredients
  3. You will need 1x Leaplasher Spark Coil and 1x Deepwater Kindle Weed Oil
  4. Once you have these, craft the Igniter

You should now have the special new spear that Aloy can use to destroy any red crystals she comes across. This will open up access to a lot of new doors and paths, usually guarding treasure and other valuable items.

If you are able to pry yourself from Horizon Forbidden West for even a few minutes, then check out this incredible Aloy cosplay!

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