Diablo Immortal celebrates 20M downloads with ‘lackluster’ rewards and players are not happy

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Blizzard announced that Diablo Immortal reached 20 million downloads but players are not happy about the free celebratory login rewards to make the occasion.

Controversy surrounded Diablo Immortal during its launch thanks to the news surrounding the mobile game’s microtransactions.

Despite Diablo Immortal’s low user score on sites like Metacritic, the game has now officially been downloaded by more than 20 million players, according to the game’s official Twitter account.

To celebrate, Blizzard revealed players could log in to receive a Legendary Crest, gold, and other rewards, but players were not happy about it.

Players bash Diablo Immortals 20m download rewards

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Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions were a huge factor in many players deeming the game “pay to win.”

Legendary Crests are a valuable resource in Diablo Immortal that gives players the chance to enhance their loot pool on dungeon runs.

Unfortunately, using a Legendary Crest does not guarantee specific loot, but gives players an increased chance of getting rarer loot at the end of the run.

As such, some players have taken umbrage with the fact that this is the reward Blizzard has decided to give players based on just how many downloads the game has amassed.

“Whoa! One Legendary Crest! Thanks Blizzard,” one Twitter user sarcastically wrote.

Other players instead took aim at the game’s notorious microtransactions, which reportedly earned Blizzard $24 million in just two weeks.

“My credit card is at the ready No getting around having to actually [pay to win] to…well, win!” said Twitter user THERobM941.

They are not alone in this sentiment, as many players have shot back at Blizzard claiming they’ve uninstalled thanks to the microtransactions involved.

Twitter user lith_1995 responded that they’d gladly return to the game as long as Blizzard “removed the paywalls” altogether.

Though clearly divisive, the fact that Diablo Immortal achieved 20 million downloads in nearly two months is quite impressive, even amidst the negative fan reception surrounding its microtransactions.