Diablo Immortal microtransactions generated $24 million in two weeks

diablo immortal microtransactions revenue $24 million

Despite releasing only two weeks ago, Diablo Immortal has already raked in $24 million in revenue thanks to its microtransactions.

Much attention has been given to Diablo Immortal’s egregious pay-to-win microtransactions since the title’s PC and mobile launch earlier this month.

For instance, analytically minded players calculated that Diablo Immortal users would need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to max out a single character.

Twitch streamer Quin69 put the costly in-game purchases to the test, forking over $10,000 only to receive nothing of consequence in return.

These microtransaction horror stories have yet to hurt Blizzard’s bottom line, though. Dismal user reception aside, Diablo Immortal now counts as the most successful Blizzard launch to date.

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Diablo Immortal microtransactions generate lots of revenue

diablo immortal microtransactions earningsIn-game purchases for Diablo Immortal continue to rake in millions.

Tracking website AppMagic (via PCGamesN) reveals that Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions have, thus far, generated earnings of over $24 million.

This count comes courtesy of the five-plus million mobile users who’ve downloaded the free-to-play title on Google Play and the App Store.

Players in the United States account for 43 percent of total spending in Diablo Immortal. Meanwhile, another 23 percent of the title’s revenue comes from South Korea. Japan and Germany sit in third and fourth place with 8 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

diablo immortal mtx revenueDiablo Immortal’s meteoric success has yet to cease.

The pay-to-win backlash seems to matter very little in the grand scheme of things, least of all to Activision Blizzard’s pocketbooks.

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Following the recent reveal of Diablo 4 gameplay at Xbox’s showcase, fans can’t help but wonder what Immortal’s pitfalls may mean for the next mainline installment.

Developers insist Diablo 4’s will only feature in-game purchases related to cosmetic items and story expansions. Yet even the staunchest of Diablo faithful remain skeptical.