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Deathloop Residuum guide: What are the glowing objects for & how to infuse weapons

Published: 14/Sep/2021 17:04

by Nick Farrell


Along your journey in Deathloop you’ll encounter Residuum which can be used for various tasks, including keeping weapons after death!

Deathloop is perhaps one of the most unique concepts we’ve seen in gaming, with homages to certain shows such as Re:Zero, the player is stuck in a continuous cycle where the player will need to solve mysteries and defeat certain enemies in order to make it out.

Along the way you’ll be able to encounter a wide array of weapons and other items that’ll help you along your adventure, and while at first it seems all of your progress resets when the day is over, there’s a certain mechanic that you’ll unlock that’ll allow you to keep some of these items.



Arkane Lyon
Deathloop pits you in a never-ending cycle in order to complete the mission.

What is Residuum in Deathloop?

One of the neat gameplay aspects of Deathloop is that when you’re about to embark on a new day, all of the weapons you obtained the previous day are stripped from your inventory, but Residuum can be spent to save them from being lost forever (or until you pick them up again).

Residuum is essentially the in-game material that players will need to find and gather in order to carry over their weapons into a new day, and we’re also going to run over where to find it.

Where to find Residuum in Deathloop

Resi Deahtloop
Arkane Studios
Residuum can be found all around the map and through various NPCs.

If you’ve been playing Deathloop, you’ve more than likely noticed the glowing objects around the map – but you won’t be able to interact with them until you reach a certain point in the story.


Interacting with these will grant you some Residuum, but this isn’t the only way you’ll be able to obtain Residuum. Below are some other ways you’ll be able to stock up on this material:

  • The aforementioned interaction with the glowing materials
  • Defeating some of the Visionary bosses
  • If you are eliminated, you can return to your body if your player has any Resprise charges on its body

Doing all of these will net you some Residuum, which can be used alongside the Infusing mechanic.

How to infuse weapons in Deathloop

The last portion of this feature within Deathloop is actually using the Residuum you’ve obtained in order to infuse the weapons you don’t want to lose when a new cycle begins.

Players will simply need to head over their gear menu and then proceed to the infuse weapons section. Once you’re here, just press enter on the weapons you want to infuse with the Residuum you’ve acquired, and the cost will vary on the weapon and its attributes.


Depending on the loadout you’re currently rocking, the weapons you’re infusing are going to change. But, this is an incredible mechanic that’ll pay off in the long run while playing Deathloop.