Where to find all Deathloop Slabs, how to upgrade & which is best

Deathloop Slabs guideArkane Lyon

Slabs are powerful upgrades that give Colt otherworldly powers in Deathloop like teleporting, taking out multiple enemies at once, and using telekinesis – but you’ll have to work hard to unlock them.

Deathloop is full of weapons and Trinkets to find that can help you on your journey to escaping Blackreef island, but the most desirable collectibles are without a doubt the Slabs that grant you powerful abilities.

Unsurprisingly, these Slabs are some of the rarest items in Deathloop, and getting each one will require you to be at the right place, at the right time, and take down one of the game’s heavily guarded Visionaries.

In our guide to Slabs below, we’ll go through what each Slab does, the Visionaries you can get them from, how to upgrade them, and which Slabs we think are the best in the game.


Deathloop Slabs

All Slabs in Deathloop & where to find them

Beyond the Reprise Slab which you’ll get automatically near the start of the game, there are five Slabs you can find in Deathloop, and you’ll need to kill a specific Visionary to get each one of them.

Here’s where to find every Slab in Deathloop does and what they do:

Slab Location What it does
Aether Slab Egor Sterling at The Complex (Evening) Grants you the power of temporary invisibility, but loud noises or a wrong move will break the illusion.
Havoc Slab Fia Zborowska at Fristad Rock (Noon) Increases the damage you deal, and any damage you receive hits your power reserve instead of your health.
Karnesis Slab Aleksis Dorsey at Updaam (Evening) Gives you the power of telekinesis, allowing you to throw your enemies around with your mind.
Nexus Slab Harriet Morse at Karl’s Bay (Morning) Allows you to connect the fates of your enemies, so eliminating one of them eliminates all of them.
Shift Slab Charlie Montague at Updaam (Noon) Lets you teleport over a short distance, which is perfect for improving your mobility and stealth.

How to upgrade Slabs in Deathloop

Each Slab can be upgraded a set amount of times by killing each Visionary and collecting their Slab again across multiple loops. The more upgrades you unlock, the more powerful the Slabs become.

Here are all of the Slab upgrades available in Deathloop:

Slab Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Upgrade 4
Aether Slab Erase: Enemies won’t leave a trace when killed Flicker: Attacking enemies doesn’t deactivate Aether Ghost: Aether doesn’t use power when standing still Phase: Receiving damage doesn’t deactivate Aether
Havoc Slab Backlash: Unleash a powerful blast when Havoc ends Bulwark: Hits don’t drain power, but Havoc drains power faster and you move slower Euphoria: Taking damage increases the damage you deal Withdrawal: Regain power when damaging enemies
Karnesis Slab Slam: Allows you to slam enemies down Zone: Pushes multiple enemies away Suspension: Enemies thrown will hover in the air Flash Bomb: Enemies land with a blast
Nexus Slab Attraction: Nexus projectiles home in on enemies Influence: Enemies create new connections Parasite: You regain health when an enemy is damaged Protraction: Nexus drains your Power at a slower rate
Shift Slab Airborne: Using Shift mid-air will briefly halt your fall Dropkick: Kicking during Shift creates a powerful sonic boom Reach: Lets you travel further and higher distance Swapper: Allows you to swap positions with an enemy

The upgrade you’ll get will be random each time, so they won’t necessarily follow the order in the table above. It’s also worth pointing out that Julianna will drop a random Slab when eliminated, and those can be used to upgrade too.

Which Slabs are best in Deathloop?

Every Slab in Deathloop is useful in the right scenario, but we think the best Slab to hunt down and upgrade is the Havoc Slab from Fia. It’s not very fun, but the ability to deal more damage (and take less damage) will help you a lot in the game’s most difficult sections.

On paper, Nexus is probably the most powerful Slab in Deathloop, as it allows you to link multiple enemies together, which means killing one will kill all of them. However, in practice, it can be a bit tricky and the range isn’t amazing. When it works, though, it’s very satisfying.

The Aether Slab is incredibly useful for getting through areas with a lot of enemy presence and helps increase the pace of the game if you just want to get straight to your goal. Upgrades are essential for this one, as they will allow you to stay invisible while attacking enemies.

As you can only equip two Slabs at a time, it’s best to choose matching ones that suit your play style. For stealth, go with the Aether Slab and the Shift Slab. For all-out damage, choose two from the Havoc Slab, the Nexus Slab, and the Karnesis Slab.