Dead Island 2 is ‘the biggest launch’ ever for devs Deep Silver after hitting 2 million sales

smiling shark stand in dead island 2Dambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 has become “the biggest launch” in history for its creators Plaion and Deep Silver, with the game confirmed to have already sold more than two million copies since launch.

Dead Island 2’s release was a “minor miracle”, or at least that’s what we called it in our review of the game. Since its announcement in 2014, the game bounced around different studios until Deep Silver’s Dambuster Studios were given their chance to develop the sequel. 

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Little did the studio know they would be creating their publisher’s biggest game to date. Dead Island 2 was not predicted to be one of 2023’s largest releases, yet it somehow was big enough to sell one million copies within three days of its release

As a result of that, it has become its devs and publisher’s biggest release to date, with updated sales numbers revealing Dead Island 2 has sold over two million copies. 

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Dambuster Studios
Dead Island 2 unexpectedly became the biggest launch in its publisher’s history.

In Embracer Groups Q4 financial report, the parent company of Deep Silver, they announced that Dead Island 2 heralded the publisher’s biggest launch to date. 

“Currently, the game has achieved an impressive milestone of over two million units sold. When measured over the initial seven-day sales period, Dead Island 2 has become the largest launch in both units sold and revenue generated in the history of Deep Silver.” they wrote. 

Dead Island 2 has already sold 2 million copies

Dambuster Studios has not had the biggest games of the given years they have been in the industry. With previous titles Homefront: The Revolution and Chorus failing to make waves.

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Which is why its success was quite the moment for its devs and publisher. “The game’s performance has far surpassed the management’s initial expectations” the report read. 

It is quite clear in the report that the success of Dead Island 2 was not expected, but a welcomed surprise given Embracer’s “quiet Q4”, as they call it. 

The announcement of Dead Island 2’s surprise success comes after Embracer’s CEO announced a mystery deal worth $2 billion fell apart the night before the Q4 financial report.

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