Dead Island 2 sells one million copies in just three days

Dambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 has sold a million copies in just three days, and is already on track to beating the first game’s five million mark. 

It was quite the surprise to see Dead Island 2 coming out, as the game initially went through the ringer in its production. Initially announced in E3 2014 by Sony, it had gone through three different studios to get here. 

Its original creators, Techland, would go on to create the Dying Light Series. Never once looking back at Dead Island. However, after almost a decade, the sequel to the cult classic came out, and to great success sales-wise.

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Dead Island 2 sells 1 million copies in just 3 days

In a press release, Dambuster Studios announced Dead Island 2 has sold a whopping million copies and more in just three days after it went on sale. 

Dambuster Studios

Dambuster gives us some interesting statistics that the game has achieved so far. A total of 11 million hours has been played, and 28 million player deaths has been recorded so far. Which, as they point out, is more than twice the population of Los Angeles, the game’s setting. 

And of course, since Dead Island is a gore-tastic game filled with zombie slaying, the numbers of zombie mutilation is quite staggering as well. 45 million zombies has been sliced in half, and 756 million zombies have had their limbs cut off. With a total of 1.1 billion zombies slayed in total.

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These metrics are just three days into Dead Island 2’s full release, and it would not be too far a stretch to say they’ll be increasing into the future. Possibly beating the first game’s five million mark. 

If you would like to read our review of Dead Island 2, you can find it here, where we call it a “love letter to zombies and horror” in all its campiness and fun.

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