D&D players reveal the best & worst insults used with Vicious Mockery

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A D&D Bard and a spellcaster on an adventure on the Gift Set DM Screen

D&D 5E players have revealed the best and worst insults they’ve heard when using the Bard class’ Vicious Mockery and Cutting Words spells, as they require a disparaging comment.

The most popular Bard-exclusive spell in Dungeons & Dragons 5E is Vicious Mockery. This Cantrip forces an enemy to make Wisdom saving throw, with a fail resulting in 1d4 Psychic damage and Disadvantage on their next attack roll.

Vicious Mockery is great for several reasons, as it can be used while the caster is tied up, and it combos well with Healing Word, allowing the Bard to heal and attack in the same round. There’s also a spell called Cutting Words, which has a similar effect but requires a slot to cast.

The best part about Vicious Mockery is that most players and DMs will insist that an actual insult be said for the spell to take effect, leading to lots of hilariously good/bad jibes thrown around the D&D table.

Dungeons & Dragons Bard

D&D players have shared their best and worst insults used with the Vicious Mockery and Cutting Words spells

A user on the DnD Reddit named Dr_Kyro has asked other D&D 5E players to share the insults they’ve used in conjunction with Vicious Mockery or Cutting Words.

Players worldwide flocked to the thread to share their 8 Mile-level rap battle comebacks that they’ve unleashed on their foes.

“Your mom’s so fat she’s considered difficult terrain,” was said by user, while another went with, “You are as usless as true strike”, which will be particularly stinging for fans of Baldur’s Gate 3 who used that awful Cantrip in battle.

“We were fighting a giant tree and our bard shouted, “Your mom was a broccoli. “We had to pause the session because everyone was laughing so hard,” is an oddly specific one, while “You remind me of my first husband. I hated him too” can be thrown around more easily.

There are, of course, some really bad ones, like “You have a face only a mother could love,” as well as endless Monty Python quotes, but even these can be funny under the right circumstances, i.e., the ones D&D players find themselves in all the time.

Vicious Mockery is one of the best additions in D&D 5E, making the Bard class a lot more memorable than it could have been. The ability to slay mighty enemies in a funny way is the dream of many a D&D player, with beating Strahd, Lord Soth, or Acererak being the goal of the most chaotic adventurers.

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