Bloodhunt devs dismiss crossover with VTM Swansong & Bloodlines 2

vampire the masquerade vtm swansong emem bloodhunt toreador stand against burning backdropSharkmob, Big Bad Wolf, Paradox Interactive

Sharkmob, the creators of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt, have confirmed that there will be no crossover between their battle royale and other VTM titles like Swansong and Bloodlines 2.

It isn’t even spooky season yet and 2022 has already cemented itself as the year of the vampire. With Sharkmob’s Vampire: The Masquerade-inspired battle royale, Bloodhunt, leading the charge, the series’ highly anticipated detective RPG, Swansong, was hot on its heels.

Much to the joy of Kindred across the globe, we’ll also be seeing a sequel to classic title, Bloodlines, popping up in the near future as well, transporting the VTM saga into the modern age.

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As all of these new games launch in tandem, will we be seeing any crossovers between Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt, Bloodlines 2, and Swansong? Sharkmob’s Live Product Director for Bloodhunt, David Sirland, reveals all.

vampire the masquerade vtm bloodhunt toreador with katanas appears from red mist pushing female brujah asideSharkmob
Vampire: The Masquerade is back in the spotlight, but are any of these new games interlinked?

Bloodhunt dev: Swansong & Bloodlines 2 are “separate”

As the hype around the World of Darkness reaches an all-time high, Sirland has confirmed that there is no direct crossover between the games – but that there may be some breaching the fourth wall in the future.

“We are completely separate products, from separate teams – essentially only sharing the IP and the world we are set in,” he told Dexerto.

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Going on to clarify “we love to stay current and hint at things that are happening in the world,” he concludes “so who knows what the future holds?” – a prospect that will likely bring a smile to any Kindred’s lips.

vampire the masquerade bloodlines 2 male vampire smoking pouring blood bag into a mugParadox Interactive
We know very little about Bloodlines 2, but it seems like there’s no crossover to be had with Bloodhunt or Swansong.

There’s a whole host of potential crossovers lurking in the shadows, but we’ll have to see if any come to fruition.

Imagine some snazzy Bloodlines 2-inspired skins for your Bloodhunt Archetype, or some nasty katanas for your Bloodlines 2 vampire to wield – the possibilities are endless and in the World of Darkness, anything can happen.

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