Blizzard teases “other ways to experience” the Overwatch universe ahead of new PvE release

Characters from overwatchBlizzard

Blizzard has teased new ways for players to experience the Overwatch Universe in the new future, teasing new efforts beyond just the game we know and love today.

Overwatch 2’s devs have always paid particular attention to the game’s broader universe, with the game’s first-ever trailer an explanation of its lore. And before its release, Blizzard was already giving us the backstories for the likes of Soldier: 76 and Junkrat, helping to flesh out the world and its characters.

Ever since, Blizzard has historically not skimped on opportunities to flesh out the Overwatch universe, consistently releasing new cinematics, new Heroes, and comic books to widen the game’s story. 

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But when Overwatch 2 was released, many fans lamented the lack of lore in the new game itself, along with the lack of certain information on the backstory of characters that was missing in the game. However, moving forward, it appears Blizzard has bigger plans in motion to make up for it.

In Activision Blizzard’s most recent quarterly financial report, the publishing giant teased that the company is working on fresh “ways for new and existing players to experience the Overwatch universe longer-term.”

This could mean several things. We might get more cinematics outside of new Hero Origin Stories, a new comic book exploring a character’s backstory, or an increase in PvE content to flesh out their story. 

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It might even mean a new teaser for an animated show based on the game. Back in February 2020, there were reports of Activision Blizzard working on a TV show based on the story of Overwatch and Diablo. However, there have not been any more recent updates to this potential show. 

But if Blizzard ever does announce a TV show based on their game and it comes out to critical acclaim, it could very much boost the game’s player base, as it did for League of Legends upon Arcane’s release and Cyberpunk 2077 upon Edgerunner’s release. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store.

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