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Apex Legends 1.82 update patch notes: Bugs fixed for Animated Banner, Crypto, Pathfinder & Bloodhound

Published: 20/Oct/2021 20:46

by Alec Mullins


Apex Legends Patch 1.82 brings some major bug fixes to the game including the end of animated banners crashing games, Pathfinder’s broken cooldown and issues with Bloodhound’s scan. 

The latest Apex Legends update aims to restabilize the game with an increased focus on internal health, including better protection from distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) that have recently plagued the game. This also means that players can safely re-equip their favorite animated banners without fear of breaking the game upon loading into a match.

While game health was clearly a concern here, several characters have also received fixes to their specific problems – like Pathfinder’s inescapable 30-second cooldown in Arenas, and the insta-melee bug that was allowing Rampart to down people at record speed.


Apex Legends Patch 1.82 update patch notes

Respawn says Crypto rework possible if Apex Legends hacker play rate drops lower.
Respawn Entertainment
Crypto received one of the bigger fixes in this update, making it possible for him to get back to full potential on King’s Canyon.

One of the bigger highlights of the update centers on Crypto, whose drone will no longer crash your game when flying it into the map room on King’s Canyon

Since Crypto isn’t one of the Legends with the highest pickrate, any issue that could scare people away from him is a big one, and this reinforces the emphasis on game health that is present elsewhere in the update.

The rest of the updates were on smaller quality-of-life issues, like the Dropship that brings dead players back to the battlefield going silent while it was overhead, and problems with cosmetics not showing up as intended for a brief time.


While all of these changes may not jump out off the page as important, Respawn has been under a lot of pressure to address the health of Apex Legends before the arrival of Season 11 in November and this is a clear start toward that goal.

Apex Legends Oct 20 patch notes

  • We’ve resolved an issue that caused players to be randomly unreadied while matchmaking in Ranked
  • Fixed a couple of issues that were causing animated banner poses to cause hangs or crashes
  • Improved protection against DDoS attacks
  • Fixed audio and rendering issues with respawn ships
  • Fixed an issue with using Crypto’s drone in the Map Room
  • Fixed an issue with Pathfinder having a constant 30s grapple cooldown regardless of distance in Arenas
  • Pathfinder Beacons Scanned tracker now updates correctly
  • Fixed melee and spin-up exploits related to mobile Sheila
  • The raven in Bloodhound’s Niflheim Hundr skin will now correctly show as white in the lobby
  • Stability fixes  and memory optimizations