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Animal Crossing’s Stitches literally comes to life as adorable plush

Published: 17/Feb/2020 20:53 Updated: 28/Mar/2020 17:53

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A skilled Animal Crossing fan has transformed fan-favorite bear Stitches into a real-life plush toy just in time for New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch.

Stitches has been a long-time character in the life simulation series, his first appearance being in Wild World for the DS in 2005. He is a lazy-type bear made to look like a patchwork child’s teddy, and it’s his cute image that has made him such a hit with fans.

Because the franchise is so popular, Nintendo has made countless merchandise from stationery, apparel, console accessories, and more. Several characters have even gotten officially licensed plush toys – something you’d think would be only natural for the bear. It has never happened though, at least not in a permanent form, so a fan took matters into her own hands.

Stitches’ house also matches his playful theme, and looks like a child’s playroom.

Adorable Animal Crossing plush

On February 10, user ‘Courtnipie’ shared her cute creation to the Animal Crossing subreddit. If Stitches could jump out of the screen, he would truly look like this in real life – it’s so realistic!

Every single detail is nailed to perfection, including all of his multicolored patchwork stitching which must have taken hours to sew together and stuff. Even the villager’s cross eyes are accurate, and breathe life into the toy.

In the games, the lazy-type wears a Star Tee shirt – something that the talented fan also made for her plush, making him look even cuter… If that’s possible.

I made my favorite plush villager into a plush for real! from AnimalCrossing

In a surprise twist, Stitches’ head, arms, and legs are jointed, meaning they can all be moved and positioned into different poses, making the creation even more true to the game.

Animal Crossing isn’t the only series Courtnipie has taken on – she’s also made plush toys of characters from popular games and movies such as Pokemon, Digimon, and How to Train Your Dragon.

According to her website, the talented maker has over 17 years of experience with drawing and illustrating and over 10 years with sewing, making it no surprise that she’s so skilled at her craft. She also has an Etsy store where she sells various plushes, and even has the option for custom orders in the future.

Stitches is in many Animal Crossing games – including mobile game Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes out on Nintendo Switch on March 20, after an agonizing seven year wait for the next mainline entry in the series.

There’s also a limited edition console releasing too, alongside a plethora of different accessories, meaning fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.


Animal Crossing player’s crazy Smash Ultimate tournament venue goes viral

Published: 2/Dec/2020 23:58

by Michael Gwilliam


An Animal Crossing New Horizons player designed a brilliant Smash Ultimate tournament venue in-game, and many fans are absolutely loving it.

The global health crisis really hurt LAN events for Smash Ultimate and other fighting games in 2020. Many venues that thrived off hosting events suffered immensely, and while players have been missing in-person competitions, that didn’t stop one player from recreating a tournament venue within Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is chock full of materials and objects that work well to design a fighting game venue, and Redditor ‘timshady11’ made good use of them for their creation.

Anyone who has ever been to a weekly tournament at a bar, restaurant or arcade is familiar with the general layout. You have the front desk for signups and registration, numerous setups for people to compete and a spot designated for streaming high-profile matchups.

Little Mac and Dr Mario
The Smash scene got a bit beaten up.

In this case, timshady11 included all of those things and then some. As you can see in the video, there is a desk area by the entrance with a laptop and Smash Ultimate book to keep track of tournament entrees.

Moving on from there, the venue has all sorts of desks with two chairs, a monitor and a Nintendo Switch. In total, we count six of these non-featured setups, which is a respectable number for a weekly event.

The venue also has numerous arcade cabinets, vending machines, booths, couches, and of course, a stream setup. That section is pretty well-made with cameras, a computer, and three couches in the vicinity for observers.

Made a Smash Tournament Venue in Animal Crossing New Horizons! from smashbros

Users on Reddit were certainty impressed with the creation. “Awesome! The aesthetic is cozy and cool, really like the vibe overall,” one complimented.

“This is amazing! It made me really nostalgic for IRL tournaments tho,” another remarked with a frowny face emoji.

Link hit by Roy
Smash players have been missing LAN events.

If you want to visit the island for yourself, timshady11 revealed it as: DA-3428-2657-9989.

While Smash tournaments have been forced to move online, hopefully, players will get the opportunity to return to their venues in the foreseeable future and duke it out in person once again. Until then, at least there’s always the Animal Crossing island to tide us over.