An actual “foot posing simulator” is now on Steam with an uncanny level of detail

Jeremy Gan

A “foot posing simulator” with an uncanny amount of detail for players to explore is now available for purchase in the Steam store. 

Video games are amazing tools not only just for entertainment and art’s sake, but to also simulate real-world objects and environments with incredible detail. 

One such simulator in recent memory to impress with its immense detail was SpaceEngine, which used real-world data to simulate faraway planets and galaxies with staggering authenticity. 

Now once again, a dev is using a video game’s engine to its full potential to simulate real-world objects, this time a foot-posing simulator. No really, a foot-posing simulator.

Created by Ige Olwen, Haele 3D Feet Poser Pro was made as an “easy to use foot anatomy reference tool for artists”, as its Steam description puts it. 

And it is undoubtedly one of the most detailed foot simulators ever made. Players can change a plethora of settings, such as lighting, background, poses, toenail color, skin color, and much more. 

Its simulation is so detailed you can adjust the skin color on specific sections of the foot where melanin may not be as present as other parts, such as the inner soles of the feet being lighter than the heel.

Each model of a pair of feet is so painstakingly realized that in the video showcase of the simulator, the creator showed that if you zoom into a model, you can actually see the toeprints on each toe. And you can even adjust how wrinkly a foot is to further simulate the age of your model. 

However, the most interesting part of the simulator is that it was hit with a mandatory mature content description by Steam. With the dev describing it by saying, “There are naked feet in the game.”

The game is set to release on June 27 with a pro version for sale and a lite version for free in demo form. 

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