Where to find a Sneaky Snowman to destroy for Fortnite Winterfest challenge

Epic Games

Day 11 of the Winterfest challenges is here and players will need to destroy a Sneaky Snowman to earn the daily Fortnite reward.

The holiday season saw the Sneaky Snowman item return to Fortnite Battle Royale for players to use in-game.

The Sneaky Snowman is a throwable item, which, once thrown, allows players to hide inside it, as was seen in Winterfest’s Day 4 challenge.

Epic GamesPlayers will need to destroy a Sneaky Snowman in Fortnite.

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Instead of hiding inside of the deployable item, players will need to destroy one to check off the 28 December task in the Winterfest event.

To destroy the Sneaky Snowman you will need to hit it once it has been thrown, which will result in a giant snowball being formed which you can then pick up and throw at opponents.

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Although the task seems simple enough, it is important to note that you must be wielding either a pickaxe or a lightsaber while hitting the snowman in order to complete the challenge.

The Snowman appear dotted around the map as a rare item you can find, but your best chances of finding one is to simply head to just north of Retail Row, where you will find a bunch.

Epic GamesSneaky Snowmen can be found as an item around the map, but your best chance is just north of Retail Row.

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Once players have destroyed the Sneaky Snowman and completed the challenge, they will be rewarded with an in-game spray for their efforts.

The spray, ‘Chillshot’,  is listed as an Uncommon cosmetic item and can be seen below.

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Epic GamesPlayers will receive the ‘Chillshot’ spray for completing the Day 11 challenge.

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With Winterfest still going on, you can expect a new challenge every day until January 2, and even if you find yourself behind on tasks after the festive period, you can still complete them, and our handy Winterfest challenge guide will help you get caught up.

The challenges will still be available to complete up until January 7.