When is the Fortnite x Birds of Prey crossover with Harley Quinn skin?

Connor Bennett

Epic Games have already started teasing their next Fortnite crossover event with Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn, but when will it happen in-game? Here’s what we know so far. 

One major aspect of Fortnite that has helped solidify its place as one of, if not the, most popular games in the world has been Epic Games’ ability to place real-world events and pop-culture into the battle royale.

When the holiday season is upon us, players have found gifts and snow across the map. There have also been crossovers with hits like Marvel’s Avengers, Netflix’s Stranger Things, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Yet, Epic isn’t stopping anytime soon. The newest crossover with Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn is seemingly already in the works ahead of the movie’s release. 

An image of characters from Marvel's Avengers in Fortnite.
Items and cosmetics from Marvel’s Avengers made their way into Fortnite before the movie’s release.

When is the Fortnite x Birds of Prey event? 

With the new Birds of Prey movie releasing worldwide on February 7, 2020, we can expect to see the crossover event in Fortnite happen sometime before or alongside that date.

As of now, the exact start date is unknown, but going off Epic’s similar crossover, there is some build-up. The Star Wars crossover kicked off six days before the movie was released and carried on for sometime after. Similarly, the Avengers are got underway one day before Endgame was released and lasted a few days later. 

Will there be a limited-time mode or challenges?

The last time that Epic did a crossover with DC Comics was to celebrate Batman Day back in September. With Season 10 then having new locations with every update, it was the perfect time to release a mini Gotham City onto the map.

However, it’s unknown if Birds of Prey will get a full-blown crossover event like previously. Batman, Star Wars, and Avengers all had challenges and themed in-game items, among other things. 

What other skins could there be?

Seeing as Harley Quinn was singled out by the teasing Fortnite tweet, it seems pretty likely that there will be a skin or cosmetics bundle for her at the very least.

There are plenty of other characters in Birds of Prey – such as Huntress and even Black Mask – but with Harley being the most recognizable, it at least makes sense to see her in-game. 

The start date of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 has already been confirmed as February 20, meaning that players will still have time to experience whatever comes from Fortnite x Birds of Prey for some time.

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