Ninja explains why Fortnite’s next update needs to be “craziest” ever

Mixer: Ninja/Epic Games

Streaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has explained why Epic Games might need something pretty crazy for the next season of Fortnite to keep casual players around.

Even though Epic Games launched Fortnite Chapter 2 to much hype back in October of 2019, the battle royale hasn’t seen the same amount of continuous updates that it has in the past.

While plenty of players are still hopping into the battle bus and diving into matches, Ninja and a few other content creators have aired their concerns about why the second season of Fortnite Chapter 2 needs to have special about it to keep the more casual fans playing.

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Ninja streaming Fortnite before release of his official skin.Mixer: Ninja
Ninja has become a household and mainstream name because of his Fortnite exploits.

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During his January 23 stream, the Fortnite star dove into the fact that the current season has lasted for around 100 days – one of the longest in the game’s history – even though it hasn’t been flooded with new updates to the map, loot pool, or even mechanics. 

“There’s only one thing that makes sense for the incredible lack of content being added and weapons and… I don’t want to say incredible, but, I think this next season, it’s got to be the craziest thing ever – it’s got to be,” Ninja said.

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“It’s got to be the nuttiest game update that they’ve ever come up with. Like, some sort of game-breaking mechanic or something that they’re going to add that’s going to change the entire feel of the game. Allegedly, it’s what, being pushed back another 17 days. That’s a long-ass time. That’s a long time.”

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After a further discussion with his teammates about how long the season has lasted compared to the content that has been introduced, Ninja explained what sort of questions the community will be asking if Epic doesn’t drop an overhaul of sorts. 

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“If this season isn’t like all-changing, then what the hell did they just do for 100 days?” said Ninja. “We’re content creators and almost everyone here is competitive so we have a lot of reasons to play this game, even when the season hype dies down, but a lot of casuals don’t.”

The Mixer streamer continued on: “They’re not stupid. Epic has probably the most information on their players than any game out there – they know they need change and they need updates, weapons, and all these crazy mechanics to keep people interested – they’re well aware of that.”

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The new season of Fortnite Chapter 2 has, apparently, already been delayed by the developers for a further two weeks – meaning that it won’t start until February 20.

Just what they have up their sleeves though remains to be seen, but players like Ninja are clearly hoping that it’s going to be something special.