What changed in the March 29 Fortnite update? v8.20.1 Patch notes

Published: 29/Mar/2019 14:04 Updated: 29/Mar/2019 16:16

by Matt Porter


Epic Games have released a surprise patch on March 29 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms aimed at fixing a number of bugs and issues that have been plaguing Fortnite fans for some time.

Epic Games announced the release of the patch on Thursday, March 28, stating that a new client update was coming that would include “bug fixes and stability improvements” for the game.

The patch, which required zero downtime, released at 2am PST / 5am EST / 9am GMT on all platforms, with Epic Games releasing a detailed list of all the issues that were addressed in the Fortnite update.

Trap Fixes

One of the most requested fixes in the aftermath of the Fortnite v8.20 update was for Traps, which had stopped working when placed on a wall that had a ramp built directly in front of it. This issue was making it impossible for players to use traps in confined spaces, especially when someone had broken into your box to attack you. 

Thankfully, this will no longer be an issue, as Epic have addressed it and fixed the problem, meaning your traps will once again work. 

The Baller and Boogie Bombs

Another bug that appeared in the days following the v8.20 update was with The Baller, as players who were hit by Boogie Bombs while driving one were not ejected from the vehicle, and instead could drive around without consequences, as Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney found out

This will no longer be the case with v8.20.1, as players will now be thrown out of The Baller to start jiving once they get hit by one of the grenades. 

Boogie Bombs will once again eject enemies from The Baller.

Epic have released a full list of the updates and fixes made in the v8.20.1 update, which covers all three of Fortnite’s game modes – Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World. . You can read the patch notes below.

Fortnite Battle Royale v8.20.1 Update – Patch Notes

Battle Royale

  • Fixed an issue where spectator numbers would not update, even after the spectator had left the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to queue in the correct division level in the Arena game mode when the party leader was in a lower division.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Poison Dart Trap to be hidden behind certain wall assets.
  • Fixed an issue where trap placement on walls would be blocked if a stair structure was attached to the wall.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from getting removed from the Baller when hit by a Boogie Bomb.
  • Fixed an issue preventing friend invites from displaying in the social panel.


  • Fixed an issue where Creature Spawners wouldn’t activate within the correct range after it has been resized.
  • Fixed an issue where the Phone Tool would emit two beams rather than one after copying multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented non-damaging traps (Ice Block, Bouncers, etc) from functioning if the Game was not started.
  • Fixed an issue where any Baller vehicle that was placed on an Island prior to v8.20 could not use the boost.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented vehicles from being damaged by Music Sequencer when damage was turned on.

Save the World

  • Re-enabled the X Marks the Spot sub-objective.
  • Fixed an issue where the X Marks the Spot objective was removing items from player inventories.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing B.A.S.E to incorrectly hover over player built structures.

Travis Scott’s huge Fortnite payout said to top Nike, McDonald’s collabs

Published: 3/Dec/2020 2:27

by Theo Salaun


Travis Scott, rapper and cultural icon, has continually upped the ante for creatives worldwide with his collaborations. According to recent reports, his Epic Games collab on a Fortnite concert is among La Flame’s most profitable ever.

Known personally as Jacques Berman Webster II, professionally as Travis Scott, and during concerts, simply as La Flame, the illustrious rapper has set a stratospheric bar for media collaborations. With his “Cactus Jack” Nike sneakers running wallets dry and his McDonald’s burgers emptying stock, fans might be surprised to find out how closely they were rivaled by his Fortnite profits.

Those profits included merchandise sales, no surprise considering Scott’s successful clothing and pop culture endeavors. Although it was just a nine-minute virtual concert, reports indicate that the 28-year-old rapper earned more from the collab than he did from any of his individual Astroworld tour dates.

According to sources of Forbes’ Abram Brown, Scott “grossed roughly $20 million” from the collaboration with Epic Games (including merchandise sales). Considering the deal’s length, it reportedly out-paces everything from his tours to his Nike and McDonald’s partnerships.

Scott’s 2019 “Astroworld — Wish You Were Here” tour included 57 nights across North America and Europe. Playing his Grammy-nominated album and reaching the peak of his popularity, Scott earned $53.6 million for the entire tour. 

As Forbes similarly reports, the Nike collaboration earns Scott $10 million annually. Even further, the McDonald’s collaboration is expected to have netted him $5 million for the endorsement and around $15 million for merchandise sales.

All in all, that means that Scott’s nine-minute concert and short-term sales from the Fortnite event with Epic Games were more profitable than any individual night of his biggest tour ever while out-performing his Nike collab on a per-year basis. Similarly, without exact numbers confirmed, it appears that the Fortnite deal closely rivals and possibly tops the McDonald’s one. 

travis scott fortnite merchandise
Travis Scott
Scott’s Fortnite merch was extensive…to say the least.

More than a testament to Scott’s own brand, the success of this collaboration proves the cultural relevance of the gaming industry as a whole. The concert earned Fortnite 27.7 million unique viewers, with 12.3 million players participating concurrently in the game.

If Scott was able to profit so massively and Epic Games also earned big, then this news simply puts a dollar figure to the continued emergence of gaming in the mainstream.