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TSM secure victory in Fortnite Ninja Battles Week 1 – Final placements

Published: 29/May/2020 11:07

by Connor Bennett


Streaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins hosted his own Fortnite tournament on May 28 with a number of high-profile players getting involved. If you didn’t manage to catch the action, we’ve got a recap of the event and final placements.

With the FNCS Invitational finished and Epic Games going back to holding Cash Cups, professional Fortnite players have been branching out into different online events. 

Popular pro Benjy ‘Benjyfishy’ Fish hosted his own European dominated event on May 27 with a $5,000 top prize. A few days later, it was the turn of Ninja and the first week of the $80,000 Ninja Battles event that pit some of the best players from North America against each other. 


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Ninja Battles is a new weekly event in Fortnite.

Ninja Battles is a new weekly event in Fortnite. Moving away from the usual competitive rules, week one of Ninja Battles saw a number of high-profile players face-off in a trios event – with Ninja himself taking part in the action alongside Liquid Vivid and Co1azo.

Even though he had top-class players on his side, Ninja didn’t manage to claim victory in the first week of Ninja Battles. Instead, that honor went to the trio of TSM ZexRow, TSM MackWood, and Yung Calculator after they tied for first place with Liquid Riversan, NRG Edgey, and Liquid Cented but had but the upper hand in the tie-breaker. 


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Epic Games/Ninja
The Top five of Ninja Battles week one was closely contested.

Ninja Battles Week 1 – Final Placements

There were also spot inside the top ten for players who had impressive showings in the FNCS Invitational. Most notably, the NA West trio of 100 Thieves’ Arkhram, 100 Thieves’ rehx, and NRG’s EpikWhale managed to finish sixth – tied on points with fifth-placed Chap, Scoped, and AV.

TSM Commandment, who won the FNCS week one in NA East, teamed up with Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha and Liquid’s STRETCH to round out the top ten. 

  1. ZexRow, MackWood, Calc
  2. Riversan, Cented, Edgy
  3. Bizzle, Megga, Emad
  4. NateHill, Funkbomb, BullyWYD
  5. Chap, Scoped, AV
  6. Arkham, EpikWhale, Rehx
  7. Erok, Zyfa, Avery
  8. Reverse2k,Slackes, Keys
  9. JaredFPS, Tilt, Innocents
  10. Bugha, Commandment, Stretch
  11. SypherPK, Hogman, Bini
  12. 72hrs, Zayt, Saf
  13. NickEh30, Replays, Punisher
  14. Ninja, Vivid, Co1Azo
  15. Ceice, Kreo, BuckeFPS
  16. Assault, Khanada, Unknown Army
  17. BrookeAB, Slix, Furious
  18. Ship, Plead, Stameyz
  19. Tinaraes, Maddie, IcarleeFN
  20. Jaomock, Shibot, JDWBTW

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After their win, ZexRow landed himself in hot water after mocking the players who finished outside the top ten – seemingly being banned from the future Ninja Battles event.


However, the Team SoloMid member did apologize to Ninja, the viewers, and tournament organizers in a Twitlonger after the fact for his “immature” actions. 

The second week of Ninja Battles will get underway on June 4.