Fortnite players lash out over “absurd” Golden Peely requirements

Brad Norton
Epic Games

Fortnite’s Golden Peely skin has pushed players to all-new lengths, demanding thousands of hours throughout Season 2, leading many to demand a brand new XP system in future seasons.

Epic Games gives players all-new ways to earn experience with each and every weekly update. Whether it’s the ongoing Storm The Agency challenges, or secret objectives hidden away, there’s always new XP to claim.

However, even the most dedicated players, grabbing each XP boost as it comes, are still struggling to unlock Golden Peely. This extremely demanding skin is the level 350 reward yet most players may never see one in-game.

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Epic Games
A look at the golden skin in-game.

Different methods of accumulating experience have been broken down by Reddit user ‘zMuska,’ Without first buying 100 levels in the seasonal Battle Pass, it could take upwards of 2000 hours to unlock Golden Peely. Even with every XP challenge ticked off throughout the entire season, you would need approximately 15,302 “good games” with a full squad to boot.

That equates to roughly 19 hours of play every day in Season 2, an extraordinary ask even of Fortnite’s most committed and extraordinary grinders. For the average player, a 19-hour day might not be possible once in a given season, let alone every day across multiple months.

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Reddit: zMuska
If you haven’t already been grinding in Season 2, there’s likely no way for you to catch up.

“Basically can’t get it unless you bought 100 tiers off the bat,” one player responded. “This encourages people to play an unhealthy amount,” another said. While some simply labeled the challenge as “absurd.”

The quickest method of leveling up – playing Team Rumble – will still take 406 hours of your time. That’s assuming you play well every single game, “loot chests, and get lots of kills.” This also doesn’t factor in matchmaking or loading times.

In order to resolve the issue, perhaps XP gains can be adjusted in future seasons, be it through brand new challenges or all-new ways to rank up. 

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Epic Games
Purchasing all 100 levels in the Battle Pass is essentially a requirement to unlock Golden Peely.

Fortnite’s third season was just hit with a slight delay and is now set to launch on Thursday, June 11. So players still have a little while to farm last-minute experience. 

For most, however, Golden Peely is simply unobtainable at this point, even with the delay.