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FaZe Tfue reveals why he lets bad players win Fortnite games

Published: 5/Mar/2019 14:42 Updated: 5/Mar/2019 15:05

by Connor Bennett


FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Fortnite as he so pleases. However, he’s also happy to hand wins to unsuspecting opponents live on-stream – here’s why.

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The Fortnite pro, who recently lost his spot as the highest-earning professional player to Ghost Gaming’s Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller following the ESL Katowice Royale, has given players free wins over himself in the past.

While his chat has tried to seek out an explanation, the FaZe Clan member has never given a straight answer. Now, that’s changed – and Tenney’s explanation is just about as laid back as you’d imagine. 


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Instagram: FaZeThe FaZe Clan pro is always looking out for fellow players.

Streaming on March 4, Tfue spotted a player hiding in a bush with a default skin, before revealing that he was going to hand them the win. After dealing with a different enemy, the FaZe pro returned and offered himself up to the default skin as an easy kill. The player obliged and grabbed a free win.

“I let this guy win dude because he’s a default bro – and defaults for life,” said Tfue before revealing his ‘Default’ lip tattoo to his viewers.  A few moments later, after displaying the tattoo for all to see, Tfue added: “defaults for life, dude.”


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By ‘default’, Tfue was clearly referring to the in-game character known as Jonesy, one of the defaults skins in Fortnite, who he has been said to look like. Tfue also regularly uses the default skin in-game instead of the plethora of skins available to him. 

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Tfue also, already, has a ‘Jonesy’ tattoo following some on-stream antics with FaZe Clan’s Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks back on February 16. 

While he’s not going to give away free wins in competitive play, letting less experienced players enjoy the thrill of a solo battle royale victory isn’t a bad move at all.