Tfue reveals bizarre reason why he can’t use his main Fortnite account

Epic Games / Twitch: Tfue

Starting in March, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney began playing on a second Fortnite account – and has revealed the strange reason why he now has to use it permanently and give up the ‘Tfue’ account for good.

Tfue first started using his new account – named PeenPapi – to prank “e-girls” and pretend he didn’t know how to play the game, and would simply alternate between the two as and when he wanted to.

However, before long he switched to predominantly using his second account and basically made it his main one – and now he’s finally explained why he had to make the change.

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Tfue looks miserable on InstagramInstagram: tfue
Tfue has been outspoken against the issues he’s facing.

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After a viewer asked why he was using his second account, Tfue said: “I’m never playing on my main account again. This is my main account. I’m never going on Tfue ever again. This is my main.”

Tfue went on to explain that his other account is “bugged”, saying “My ping is doubled on my other account, I’m never playing on that account again. Period. I haven’t had this low ping in a real game in f**king months.

This is definitely a strange bug or issue to be facing, but Tfue has never made a secret of the troubles he has with ping and is constantly looking for solutions to lower it.

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Not long after creating his second account, Tfue revealed that due to ping issues in his home state of Florida, he’s contemplating leaving the Sunshine State and instead going to somewhere like Virginia, closer to the Epic Games servers.

Ping has always played an important part in online gaming but is especially accentuated in Fortnite due to features such as the building and editing mechanics, so it’s no surprise Tfue wants to give himself the best advantage possible.

Having a “bugged” Fortnite account that makes your ping higher sounds strange, but nothing’s impossible, so Tfue may actually be on to something – and we might be calling him PeenPapi before long.

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