Tfue trolls “egirls” after paying them to play Fortnite with him again

. 2 years ago
Twitch: Tfue

As one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, it’s crucial that Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney keeps his content fresh and entertaining, and he’s turned to a new method of doing so – by paying “egirls” to play Fortnite with him.

Tfue uses an online service called ‘E-Girl’, where solo gamers can pay someone to play with them. Unlike the Fortnite training companions that players can pay to improve their game, these players are simply for some company.

It’s not the first time Tfue has tried out the service either, as he previously pretended to be rival streamer Ninja to a group of three girls he had paid to play with, and seemed to get away with it too.

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His viewers got such a kick out of it, that Tfue had to do it again, and so on his March 24 stream, recruited three more “egirls” to get in some games with him.

But, rather than trying to show off his world-renowned Fortnite skills, Tfue decided to troll his new teammates instead, purposefully throwing an easy win.

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And he wasn’t done there. In another match, Tfue joked that he was ‘flanking’ the enemy in a Choppa, only to jump out to his death instead, leaving his teammates alone to fend for themselves.

With the girls clearly confused, the one remaining in the circle simply walked into the storm to her immediate elimination, as Tfue was in hysterics.

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Once the girls realized who they were in a lobby with, one even tried to shout out her own personal stream in front of Tfue’s thousands of viewers.

As she was trying to plug her channel, Tfue can be seen physically cringing on stream, mocking his new teammates without them having any idea.

It looks like using the E-Girl site is Tfue’s newest stream activity, and his fans are clearly loving it. Although the former pro player has criticized Fortnite generally, this might be a good way for him to keep enjoying playing and streaming the game.

He’s thinking of leaving Florida altogether because of Fortnite though, because of issues with connection and ping, due to server locations.

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