FaZe Clan's Tfue blasts Fortnite solos, explains why they take no skill - Dexerto

FaZe Clan’s Tfue blasts Fortnite solos, explains why they take no skill

Published: 5/Apr/2019 17:19 Updated: 5/Apr/2019 17:34

by Eli Becht


Many players believe Fortnite isn’t in a great state right now and FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney agreed, blasting the solos playlist by saying it takes no skill.

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Fortnite’s v8.20 update ruined the game for a lot of players and many of the top streamers have been vocal about the changes.

Streamers like Ninja, CouRage, TimTheTatman and Cloak have all been against the update while Tfue has remained supportive of the changes, even going so far to call it one of the best updates to hit the game.

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That doesn’t mean Tfue doesn’t have his issues with the game in its current state because he definitely does.


During a stream after a prolonged battle, Tfue went off on the state of solos in Fortnite. He says there is a major problem in the game with them and they require little to no skill.

You can hear Tfue’s thoughts on the matter at around the 1:10 mark in the video.

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Tfue thinks Fortnite solos require no skill

“Dude, like this, is what I’m talking about,” Tfue said. “This is why solos [are] so trash. What is there to do? What could I have done differently? Just push him? That’s exactly what I did and now I’m dead.”

He was asked by a viewer on how to counter somebody sitting in a box where he essentially said it’s impossible.


“The answer to that is you don’t and that is what is wrong with solos in this game.”

Epic GamesFortnite isn’t in the best state right now.

Tfue doesn’t mince words when it comes to his thoughts on Fortnite and he went more in-depth with them.

“When somebody is sitting in a box, there’s nothing you can do,” Tfue said. “That is exactly my point why solos in this game [aren’t] competitive at all.

Players turtling up has long been an issue with Fortnite but now players have that and the new Baller vehicle to deal with.

It seems like for every step forward Fortnite takes with the game, several steps backward are taken with things like the Infinity Blade, planes and now Ballers.