Puddles appearing in Fortnite tease map flooding in Season 3

Epic Games

Epic Games look to have dropped yet another Fortnite Season 3 teaser as mysterious puddles have been spotted around the battle royale island. 

If there’s one thing that Fortnite Battle Royale players look around for the most, aside from leaks of course, it’s map changes. Things moving around and new features being added; it’s all part of the fun for members of the community.

And a very interesting discovery has been made, too. It could be something huge, or nothing at all.

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Epic Games
Fortnite Season 2 was extended by Epic Games until June, but that hasn’t stopped the stream of S3 teasers.

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Those who follow Fortnite data miners on social media, or are on the lookout for leaked information, will know that there has been talk of the current map completely flooding in the game’s next major update.

That has yet to be confirmed by Epic, though. With that being said, these new potential hints will allow the minds of players wander.

As seen in a post to Reddit by user natekit-, it looks like the early signs of a flood might have been teased already. Puddles are appearing at different points of interest, leaving fans wondering whether or not previous leaks were actually accurate.

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While this might just look like a shallow pool of water at first glance, some fans have noticed that the perimeter of the puddle does look a lot like the original Fortnite map, the one we all left behind when Season 10 came to a close. Could we see a return to the original island, after seeing this one sink? Who knows.

What we do know, though, is that this Reddit user isn’t the only player to have found pools of water appear. In fact, there’s more than just this one – as seen in a tweet from FortBRNewsLeaks.

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In recent times, a number of content creators and streamers have moved away to other games – claiming Fortnite had become too stale. Although, one thing is for sure heading into Season 3, players have a lot of questions.

Answers aren’t too far away, either, with the next major update expected to roll out on June 4. Even still, we can probably expect to see even more teasers between now and then.

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