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One Fortnite location is giving players “god mode” and it’s too easy

Published: 4/Sep/2020 18:12

by Daniel Cleary


A bizarre glitch with vehicles and Stashes has been found in Fortnite Season 4, which is seemingly giving players “god mode” in-game.

Since the start of Season 4, Fortnite players have been eager to check out all of the Marvel-themed changes and unlock new superhero (and superhero-adjacent) characters such as Thor, Groot, and more.

However, a strange exploit has also been found following the latest update, which is seemingly giving players “god mode” in-game and ruining matches in Season 4.

two cars racing in fortnite
Epic Games
A strange vehicle exploit is giving players “god mode” in Fortnite.

This unusual exploit, which is done by glitching in and out of a vehicle, apparently allows players to shake off any damage dealt by their opponents and can be quite frustrating to deal with.


Popular Fortnite YouTuber Glitch King revealed that it could only be done in areas with a Stash, adding that the drive-in theater west of Frenzy Farm was the best spot for this new exploit.

The content creator explained that it could be done by destroying the Stash just before jumping into it, causing your character to glitch when entering a nearby vehicle.

However, while those who do the glitch are immune to all bullets and explosive damage, they can still be killed off by the storm, meaning that it is not without its counters.

It is also worth noting that once your Fortnite character is stuck in this exploit, you can not walk around and will have to rely on the vehicle to move around the map.


Although Glitch King used a car for his attempt, he also claimed that players could get the same results from a Choppa.

Once the glitched vehicle that you are driving is destroyed, your character will simply float up in the air, as highlighted by Glitch King.

As of now, Epic Games has yet to address this unusual “god mode” exploit but will likely be looking to patch it in a future update.